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Kathy Combs, Director of Education, talks about Cezanne’s Artiste Education Program and what we can expect in the year ahead.


Cezanne’s Artiste Education program is all about passion, spreading the word about Cezanne and getting involved. It’s also about getting dirty and having fun, said Cezanne’s Director of Education.

Kathy Combs said a lot of clients are the ones asking for Cezanne. They’re very savvy and know about smoothing treatments and the harmful effects of formaldehyde. The Cezanne Artiste Education program is about giving control of the treatment to the stylist.


What will at stylist learn in a Cezanne education class?

We spend a minimum of 45 minutes on theory. We talk about formaldehyde and what makes Cezanne unique. A big point of difference is the way Cezanne smooths the hair with Sericin. There’s no other smoothing product in the world that uses Sericin in the way it’s used in Cezanne.

Then, we dive into application. We use a minimum of two models for the class: One for the Cezanne Perfect Finish and one for the Express. The stylists do the treatment with us. All the while, we answer questions about color, application and after care.

We also spend time explaining the difference between Perfect Finish and Express. We want them to feel comfortable asking questions and having conversations in the class instead of in front of a client.


How can a salon schedule an education class?

If your distributor carries Cezanne, classes can be scheduled through your distributor or by calling and emailing Cezanne directly. Classes are also complimentary for salons who purchase an Intro Kit.


What do you love most about Cezanne?

One of the reasons I became a hairdresser is that I honestly like to make people feel better about themselves. When I have a young girl in my chair and she doesn’t feel good about her hair texture, I know I can make her feel better about herself by changing her texture.

After the treatment, clients stand up straighter and they smile. That’s what I love about treatments. I can do that without harming their hair.


Why the name Artiste?

It’s French for artist. The definition of artist is a person who is highly skilled in an occupation, a person that can produce superior work and a person who is creative and skilled as an in-depth performer.


What are the levels in the Artiste program?

The program is two tiers. The 1st tier is the in-salon educator, the Artiste, that goes inside the salon and does a three- to four-hour education class. I’m working with distributors and finding the needs of a marketplace in each distributor location when I look for an educator.  

The 2nd tier is the platform type of artist, the Master Artiste, that serves as a mentor to the Artistes. We’re looking forward to launching this level in 2017. 


What’s the most revelatory idea about the education program?

We’re here to share the message that it’s formaldehyde-free and easy to do.

It’s a lot easier than they think—that’s the cool part about it. Some stylists are making it harder than it is. There are so many nuances but it’s so easy. By the time we’re done with our first class, they’re surprised it’s so simple.

With Cezanne, stylists don’t have to use a mask. We don’t even have to worry about it. Clients are also used to having to wait. We don’t have those limitations.


What are some common FAQs that stylists have?

“How long do I rinse” is always a question. “What temperature do I need to use on a flat iron?” and, “What treatment do I use?” are also common questions.

They really need to see it and touch it. It’s really, really helpful. In-salon education is very important so we can deliver a hands-on learning experience.




Get educated. If your distributor carries Cezanne, schedule a class through your distributor or call us at (888) 316-6250 and email us directly at info@cezannehair.com to get more information. If you're contemplating a treatment or want to know more about Cezanne - follow us on Instagram and CezanneHair.com for even more helpful tips!