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In this color series, Scruples shows off a mix of relevant colors from copper crème, to spicy brown and dimensional blonde. This blonde makes up part of the Saturday Nights Collection that highlights the 70’s vibe in a modern take. Using the gel color system, we created these beauties to keep the tone “staying alive” throughout the fall.

This juxtaposed blonde definitely screams that they have more fun! With a natural level 7 we applied a base color of  HIGH DEFINITION Custom Mixing Gel Color Level 7 Gold + Violet Intensifier. Then adding dimension with both cool and warm tones, we created this diverse finished style.


Dimension Color 1: BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS Toner Infused Gel Color Coolest Ultra Light Blonde

Dimension Color 2: BLAZING HIGHLIGHTS Toner Infused Gel Color Cool Almond

Dimension Color 3: SHADOW LOWLIGHTS Filler Infused Gel Color Custom Formula Cool Pecan + Milk Chocolate


Using warm and cool tones together this next season will definitely be a major trend! It is so different from the tonal trends we've seen before, in the same color families. After our decent dose of fantasy colors we noticed a new trend in the natural tones - a playful vibe. Being able to mix warm and cool instead of combatting them is a huge change from seasons past. We wonder what other mixes we will see develop!



Model: Evann

Session Styling: Katie Nielsen, Scruples Lead Design Team Member

Haircut: Katie Nielsen, Scruples Lead Design Team Member

Haircolor: Amy Williamson, Scruples Artist

Which shade will you be rocking this season? Although we have a hard time picking, we know that as long as we stick to a copper undertone, we'll be on trend and in style! Be sure to stalk Scuples to learn more about their colors and see even more tutorials!