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With the onset of social media, hair color trends spread like wildfire. One day it is all about the colors of the rainbow, the next pastel hues are hot. Nowadays, brighter hues and visionary pigments are seen more than Ryan Gosling memes, and with the new trend turning toward fun colors there’s a truly vivid identity to explore!


When dipping your toes into the pool of fantasy colors, there are some rules that apply to getting these creative colors, which mostly pertain to your color care both in the chair and at home.


One thing to remember is that depending on your natural hair color and type, this style can be a great deal of work to achieve, possibly even more to keep up, and may initially take some time to get your desired look. To make sure your hair takes on the colors of cotton candy and doesn’t emulate the feeling; as a rule of thumb - when bleach is involved; seek professional help and use a Bond Builder. Whether you want the tips, a colorful ombre, or the full enchilada – using a bond builder like B3 Brazilian Bond Builder will keep the integrity of your hair while achieving the desired color.


After achieving the chameleon-like color transformation, sit back and admire the new you! Keep in mind there are a few at-home rules (in-between salon visits) that need to be kept.


- Wash your hair with the Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner to help your hair continually heal.

- Deep condition at least once a week and apply a Reconstructor! Moisture is your friend, so applying masques and ample deep conditioners will promote the longevity of your fantasy color and improve the quality of your hair. It will help seal in the color and smooth your chemically treated coiffure.



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