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If you have yet to smell the intoxicating aroma of 18.21 Man Made Goods, now is the time, my friend. In honor of badass dad's all over the world, 18.21 Man Made are having a giveaway.  Win the gift of grooming and unbelievable aroma this year, whether keeping this for yourself or gifting these goods to your father, it’s a win-win situation.


Want to know more about the goods involved before entering below?

The Paste: It’s great for styling, longer locks and shaping hair into a desired style. It will perfectly piece out your strands with a range of hold.


The Pomade: What’s not to love about pomade? And this one will leave you with a wafting aroma of manliness. It is similar to a Paste, although this Pomade runs “wetter” and will create the perfect slick looking style whether in a side part or straight back.


The Clay: What a great way to build texture! It is like a thick pliable gel, however it has more grit and hold. The matte finish will also ensure your grunge matches your motorcycle, for styles that will stay put while you ride off into the sunset.


The Premium Hairspray: This new brew is the perfect tool for finishing, styling, and refreshing. This spray has a rugged hold and smells like sweet tobacco and resembles a beer can, which means there’s finally a hairspray that you can take pride in owning. 


The Spirits: Sweet tobacco aroma… need we say more? This intoxicating scent will leave everyone in the room lusting. Just spray and go!


Man Made Wash: Start your styles off right with this shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It’s all in one which means you can spend less time in the shower and more time out and about, talk about efficiency. This fortifying formula is PH balanced and adds an abundance of moisture throughout hair and skin.

Now that you know more about this men’s grooming secret - go forth and take pride in your styling, with Man Made Goods. ​


1821 Man Made Goods!