Be0e8c4b6ceeb69f4afd faux fringe step by step

From Red Carpets to Fashion Week fringe has been everywhere lately. It is a great way to change your entire look in an instant. Yet most of us aren’t up for making a long-term commitment, and we can’t blame you. However with a few styling tricks you can achieve a faux fringe, giving you the taste of sultry eye-grazing fringe and the ability to have your long locks as well. Check out this fabulous step-by-step from stylist Valerie Alessandro to get a fabulous faux fringe!



Depending on your hair type, it is easiest to start the style on hair that is on the straight or wavy.


STEP 1: begin by smoothing the hair back into two separate ponytails. With the first ponytail being a half up half down parting.


STEP 2: Once you’ve brought the hair back, tie another elastic around the pony and pull the hair halfway through to create a loop, letting the end of the hair hang for the "bang" area.


STEP 3: Then get a stronger elastic to tie up the rest of the hair, combining it with the first pony.


STEP 4: Flat iron and style the “bang” area for the desired look.


STEP 5: Once the faux-fringe is set, loop the rest of the hair up into a topknot or bun of your choice, and bobby pin the pieces into place. Give a spritz of hairspray to lock everything into place and you’ve got a faux-fringe for the day!


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