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What was the spark/inspiration for the collection?
My inspiration was the color blue. It's my favorite color. I was mesmerized by a lot of the spring 2015 fashion collections because there was tons of the most beautiful blue. For the hair I was doing my usual experimentation with texture, relaxed cuts and as always, strong shapes.

We know you are a fashion maven. What brands inspire you right now?
I love designers who constantly challenge me - Rei Kawakubo - Miuccia Prada - Jeremy Scott - Rick Owens - Gareth Pugh - I also love super sexy designers like Tom Ford and Hedi Slimane. They all make my mouth water and other things swell.

How does your fashion aesthetic influence the hair you create?
I see everything through the prism of fashion. I always think about current runway trends when I devise a collection. I believe hair and fashion should not exist in a vacuum.

How was shooting for NAHA different this year? What do you feel is the most important part of the planning process for you?
Shooting for NAHA was liberating this year. I kept things as simple and as pure as possible. I feel that my master collection "Dune " which was nominated this go-round is one of my strongest work ever. I’m very proud of it.

Are there categories you have never explored that you’d like to?
(Laughs) I have entered all categories that I am allowed to! I’m a bit of a NAHA junkie, but I can't help myself!

Were there other collections that you loved this year? Which ones and why?
I consistently am inspired by the work of Sal Misseri - Alain Pereque - and Allen Ruiz. This season is no exception. They all have good taste, great skill, and talent to burn.

What drives you to keep pushing the limits?
I am driven by the need to create art. Fashion, imagery and I live for all the collaborations I've been doing with The Beauty Underground Artistic Team: Thompson Price and Mainentrance Artists NYC.

Is there something in the world of hair you have yet to conquer?
I’d love to someday have a small product line and a comprehensive bespoke course selection of my “Cutting and Styling” technique. An online advanced academy would be great.

What other artists do you admire, and/or aspire to collaborate with?
It would be heaven to collaborate with Tabatha Coffey! We are trying to put something together. Same for Alain Pereque, and we are talking also. It would be wonderful to work with Anna Paccito, Ann Bray and Vivienne Mackinder too! Someday, and I’ll continue to stalk them till all they surrender!   

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