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Paul Pereira dazzles us again with this stunning collection, turning the modern man and transforming them into Vikings. Hear more about Paul's collection and take a peek at these handsome Vikings... 

Viking is such a strong, striking collection. What made you decide to use this theme? What was the inspiration?


We were inspired by TV shows like Game of Thrones and Vikings, we were also inspired by street looks; men wearing buns, top knots and man do's.....being very creative with longer hair.


photo of a hot man dressed as a viking


Do you think the “man braid” is going to be the next “it” trend? 

No! But it's fun to see men playing with braids also...


photo of a man viking


Between NAHA (2 yrs in a row) and being crowned the June Winner to Reign Supreme on Bangstyle…what do you make of all the accolades?

It's been an amazing few years! , humbled and honored to win such prestigious awards.


photo of a hot man looking like a viking


What is the normal day to day like for you? Are you on set or in salon more often?

I spend 4 days in the salon, 1 day on set and 1 day teaching......sometimes it's hard to balance! 


Viking photo


What new collections are you working on now?

I'm working on a few new collections, to be revealed....Stay tuned 


Are you into “warrior movies”? What is your favorite? Have they inspired your hair art?

I love Warrior movies! And yes I have been inspired by movies like Braveheart and 17 Ronin....


photo of a viking


What other careers did you consider? Did you try any of them?

The only other thing I would love to do besides hair is to design and create awesome building's ( architecture) 

What would your dream role be? Dream shoot? 

One day I would love to design a campaign for a product company, my dream shoot would be one with no budget.....lol


photo of a hot viking


What was the biggest challenge you encountered with this collection? How did you overcome it? 

It was difficult to do this photo shoot because these shoots ( theme shoots) can go really wrong! And look very fake and over the top.....the challenge was to make it look fashionable. 


Photo of a man viking


Do you have a favorite image in the collection? Which one and why?

So many great images, it was one of those days when our team was on! And they all came out great!!! Doesn't happen often....

What is your “vice” of the moment? 

The Half Top Knot, Sneakers, Burgers and Drake.....


photo of a hot viking


Be sure to stalk Paul on Bangstyle to see his latest looks!