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Twins, duality, Yin and Yang...The Gemini represents the zodiac symbols as one with creativity, intellect and versatility, which is why it perfectly represents our beauty collection from the Louisville Art Community in Kentucky. There is never a shortage of talent here in Derby city; when photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, designers and models collaborate to create artistry.  Here is what happened on a recent Saturday night when creative forces aligned.

The "GEMINI" Team


"Tiffany Nelson and I met during a runway shoot for KMAC last year. She expressed an interest in working on a project with me and I loved her energy. We collaborated with some of my favorite people; model Katya, makeup artist Matt and hair artist, Matthew, to create a free-flowing fabric garment that would allow me to capture what I was after. I wanted movement with the fabric and I wanted to show off Katya's strong bone structure in her shoulders and collarbone, which I love. Tiffany seamlessly worked that idea into the design with muted color choices. At the time we didn't know when or what environment we would be shooting in so we went for neutral. We ended up in studio and added a copper web fabric and a bit of black chiffon under a 22" soft white double-diffused beauty dish to enhance the mood. The fall-off from the light helped create the dramatic low-key lighting I wanted while assistants threw fabric around in the foreground and background. Happy to be shooting alongside my pal Matthew again. It's been too long.” - Joey Goldsmith (Photography)

“Joey and I have an amazing history with numerous editorials and published work, when I was asked by Joey to join the shoot I knew we were going to create something amazing.  It was great to be back in the studio with him and our fantastic team. This year I’ve had the pleasure of doing more shoots with makeup artist Matt Goodlet and we have great chemistry. I was very impressed with Tiffany’s Designs and look forward to collaborating with her again on future projects. When it came down to creating the hair; Katya is a wonderful muse. I wanted to show contrast with the hair (light and dark,) so I chose to use two long wigs that I was able to heat style with a curling iron for a timeless look with flowing hair, loose curls and tons of volume. Using wigs and hairpieces are a great tricks to use on shoots when you really want to change a model’s look."  - Matthew Tyldesley (Hairstylist)

"The makeup I generally do is a bit out there and tends to be a bit darker in nature. I like getting to play with color too and trying out different techniques and products. With that said I like doing all types of makeup. This shoot was mainly to highlight the dress that Tiffany designed, so I wanted to create a look that spoke to my aesthetic without distracting from the garment.” - Matt Goodlett (Makeup Artist)

"Starting out, the concept I had in mind was "dark forest maiden" and a request from the photographer to show off the model's shoulders. I centered on the images of "mist" and "dark" and came up with this mix of harsher lines using black crepe along with softer, flowy movement with the silver-mauve mesh. The combination makes for a "delicate intensity,” which I believe was only heightened when combined with the talents of the rest of the project's crew.” - Tiffany Nelson | Nel Tabara (Designer)

"Hi I'm Katya Estes a model based out in Louisville Ky. This photoshoot was particularly special to me because it has been planned for quite sometime with a team that I deeply admire. I am grateful for the hard work Tiffany put into making my beautiful gown. It showed a beautiful range of texture and deep colors that had a very soft edgy look. The makeup and hair was perfect for this tone. I felt like a new me! Everyone on this shoot worked hard but we also had a fun time with laughs! Modeling is a way I can express myself through art by being a canvas. I enjoy working with the talents here, I never expect less from these artists who create a story, as well as a great time!”  - Katya Estes (Model)


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Photography | Joey Goldsmith @goldsmithphoto

Hair | Matthew Tyldesley @hairbymatt

Makeup | Matt Goodlett @themannyfaces

Fashion | Tiffany Neslon | Nel Tabara  @neltabara 

Model | Katya Estes @ekaterina_estes