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Photography: Jesus Baez

We all get inspiration from various places, in this collection Eyliana’s inspiration sounds like where we all want to be, on an exotic summer vacation in the 1960’s. This collection has depth and meaning and is definitely showing off styles and inspirations that we will be seeing next in fashion.



What was the inspiration behind this shoot?

I had been daydreaming of exotic summer vacations, caftans, cliff side pools and the luxurious ports a cruise ship might pull into in the 1960's. Then, Jesus Baez, my Tearsheet teammate and go-to photographer, created a beautiful set which inspired me even more...it was a lot of collaboration! 



Your tones go together so well; how did you pick them?

The vision of this resort cruise was full of vivid color in my head...the markets, the ocean, the natural landscape and the people all woven in tapestry. The set backdrop was this really rich aqua blue and we had some elements of nature to work with it. The wardrobe was another layer and it came together so well! Colleen McCann is a pleasure to work with!! We were able to quickly combine pieces from her trunk of goodies with pieces from my own collection and it was a moment of synchronization for sure. Simple accessories marry the bold patterns and bright colors. 



What process did you use to get the desired outcome?

The magic of fans!! At one point, we had a few going to catch just the right shot! I've always been a little obsessed with hair in motion and fabrics as well...perhaps early years on a sailboat with my mom, being soothed by the sound of the canvas sails catching the wind. To capture that indoors is tricky so I'm grateful to work with such creative individuals on the Tearsheet Artistic Team. Jesus and I had a vision and it's awesome to see it become reality.


How was styling integral to showing off your color?

With all of the drama in color and texture, the hair needed to be an element of simplicity. A lived-in blow out, showing off sun-kissed summer highlights and natural blonde and brunette shades. I like how classic sets look after the after party...a few ruffled feathers but the silhouette is intact.



Is there one product or tool you couldn’t live without for this shoot?

I can always be found with a Tearsheet Carbon Comb, my favorite baby Mason Pearson, and of course Redken styling products! Wind Blown 05 and Stay High18, as well as Iron Shape 11 for thermal setting were used to create these looks.


Who has influenced you most in your career?

My family is my biggest influence. They are a unique bunch of humans, who make my life more interesting, especially my son. Since age 5, VOGUE has been my bible, so Anna Wintour makes the list as well! The fashion and hairdressing communities are my passion; the most creative, innovative people surround me and it's a joy to work with artists who are authentic, driven and even a little eccentric. My Tearsheet teammates and Redken tribe are the family I choose, and I can't wait for what's coming next year! 



What is the next big trend in styling?

I've been watching fashion take a very hard turn back to the 60's and 70's, hence the loose boho waves and center parts but I'm looking forward to a deeper swim in the vintage pool. I think dressing up a bit more (yes, our beloved yoga pants and hippie dresses are retiring) will be a part of the coming seasons. Blouses, high-waisted trousers, pencil skirts and the "I did not wake up like this" hair....think glam sculpted ponytails, finger waves, and chignons! 


Biggest virtue? Vice?

My biggest virtue is gratitude and living with a loving heart...and my biggest vice is the Internet. Unlimited info and limited time... I'm going to the library and bookstores more, exploring and adventuring, instead of searching online. It is less convenient, but I enjoy the process.


What's next?

I'm dreaming that up right now! Finishing 2016 strong with education and prep for a creative whirlwind in 2017.  Entering NAHA for sure. Editorial shoots with my Tearsheet team and Bangstyle... I'm going on tour with Redken and will be in Long Beach, Chicago and Orlando at the shows, working with Sam Villa, Hugo Urias, Lindsey Olson, Justin Issac, Sean Godard and Veronica Ridge. On a personal note, my son graduates from high school in June so that's huge!! Really just enjoying the ride. Life is good!! 


Be sure to stalk Eyliana on Bangstyle to see her latest adventures and inspirations!