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Seen on and off the runways this season, texture is making waves…literally. In this collection, Danielle Keasling shows off the power of texture in a somewhat controlled form. Utilizing the hair to create movement and a statement! Learn more about this stellar collection and the inspirations behind the artwork from Danielle.




What inspired you to use spikes throughout each image?

Texture is so extreme and sometimes to "soften" it, we go light on other elements.  I wanted to push this collection and create a more "cyber" feel by using the spikes almost as an element that was organically protruding from the models skin.  I wanted it to feel more futuristic.



How did this element play into the hair?

The hair was created and inspired by my favorite muse and means, which is texture.  I am also always experimenting with different ways to unconventionally create diverse types of texture in the hair.  The spikes were a play off the chaotic texture and a story to support the feelings this collection created; these textures are non-commercial and futuristic.  



What was your inspiration behind this collection?

Futurism & fashion.  Sometimes we think of futurism as “robotic” images that look artificial. So I wanted to create something human-like with edge but unrealistic to current times. 



With less volume at the roots and more throughout the ends, do you think we'll be seeing this take place in salon hairdressing as well?

I am a firm believer that different types of texture have very interesting compositions.  Smooth into Static or vise versa.  The eye is restful when there is calm to the chaos; meaning textures "marry" each other when they cohabit a surface.  It is much more interesting to look at a braided compact surface blow out into an airy ethereal story, then to look at a bubble of texture.  With that being said we must always take into consideration composition and balance.  



You colors are beautiful, but more singular in tonal value – is this something we will see more often? What made you decide on this palette?

I kept my story cool, I am drawn to cool drawn out and muted tones.  I am not the colorist you will see on a regular day exploding with direct dyes and extreme transitions. However, I will always appreciate it and push myself out of the box in all ways including practicing these techniques.



What does this collection mean to you?

It’s all about the future and texture and what we can create and appreciate.  Surely we won't be walking down the street with many of these styles but it's embracing what we love to experiment with and experimenting with new ideas.  That is the only way we grow as stylists and learn what works and what does not!  Express yourself and your creativity.  What I love most about students is they are not afraid to try anything and everything, so change that perspective and be your inner student! 


Be sure to stalk Danielle Keasling on Bangstyle to see her latest uploads and inspirations!