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James Abu-Ulba’s latest collection is a beautiful mixture of color, style, and emotion all in one place. The way in which he creates vignettes to capture different facets of human emotion and culture is absolutely beautiful. Take a peek at his collection and learn more about A Neo Glamorous Woman…




Tell us more about “A Neo Glamorous Woman.”

She is every woman. She is the reinvented glamour; a woman who understands that her beauty shines from her personality and has discovered a way to let it shine through her sense of style and fashion. The glamorous women of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were elegant and poised. The neo glamorous women explores herself through commercial, punk and couture looks.


What were your inspirations? How did you ensure that your vision was brought to life?

This woman lived in my mind and wanted to bring her to reality. Lots of planning, testing, mood boards, and meetings with other creative’s allowed me to make sure the vision was achieved.



How did you incorporate light into your images to show off your gorgeous color?

I love lighting; it creates a mood and an emotion that the viewer can connect to. For the lighting I was really inspired by one of Nick Knights collections.



How did you pick your colors?

Colors were based on light reflections. You know the ones that reflect on your hair when you walk into a discotech, or a speakeasy, lights and shadows working harmoniously together.



What techniques did you use to make sure each style complimented the color and cut?

I always had my vision in my mind. Who am I creating; commercial, punk or couture. I practiced and came up with a lot of combinations that didn’t work. I think that is the key. Explore your creativity, when it works it works.



What does this collection mean to you?

This collection is very important to me. It was the first official collection that I collaborated with a very dear friend of mine, Christina Dominelli. She was the colorist for these looks, and it was an amazing feeling to collaborate with such a talented colorist who can get in my head and achieve my vision.




What do you hope others will take from it?

I hope others will feel inspired. That they will take these ideas, build their own looks and share them with others. This is what keeps our industry growing.



You use two and three-dimensional techniques to create texture, how did you choose this style?

I think stenciling can be quite easy, so we wanted to know how to make it more difficult. We decided to color instead of using a colored spray. This technique is one myself and Christina worked on a lot. It’s also a technique that we share in our seminars.




What was the most important aspect of this shoot?

They are all important. Each aspect is a tiny piece of the machine that makes it work. Without one, your machine doesn’t run. Everything is important.


Do you have any advice for future artists?

Believe in yourself. Don’t listen to other people who have accepted defeat. There are no rules. If we continue to follow rules (understand them first), we will never create something new if we always follow the rules. Be free. Do it for yourself!


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