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Danielle Keasling has an eye for fashion and a knack for being ahead of the trend. She debuts her latest colection, Instincts; a collectio made solely of hair, outfits included. Take a peek at this raw style and perfectly undone 'dos and learn more about Danielle's process and inspirations.



What was the inspiration behind this shoot?

I wanted to create an entire collection, and wardrobe, all utilizing only hair.  I was in NYC years ago and saw a window display on 5th Avenue of an entire "room" created in hair; designed by Lady Gaga. I figured if she could create an entire room of hair I need to create a collection using only hair.   By using different techniques with the hair you can create any type of texture, mimicking any fabric. Your possibilities are endless. Everything from silk to burlap can be created using hair with the correct products and tools.  


The silhouettes are grand; do you think we'll be seeing a trend toward more volume this season?

I love texture and volume and I do not see it going anywhere anytime soon.  I would predict we will continue to see texture live in the more organic spectrums right now paired with incredible color.   Right now hair color is playing such a significant role in fashion, I love to see it paired with texture more often.  Overall, we are seeing softer transitions and softer colors.  Similar to architecture and interior design, I am seeing more of a modern "zen" like feeling even in the editorial pieces. 


Is there a specific area you often find yourself looking to for inspiration?

I am always looking globally for new inspiration.  As a member of the global design team for Matrix, it's a great opportunity to work with amazing artists from all over the globe.  The opportunity really stretches you as an artist, as you're constantly learning and seeing other artist’s perceptions and ideas.  The best part is everyone, from every country, brings a new fresh perspective and Matrix as a brand has embraced our collaboration together in every aspect. 



Do you have any rituals to ensure a successful shoot?

I don't have rituals, but I always try to remain healthy and create balance in my life as a whole.  I have been known, and am sometimes still guilty, of not stopping.  You will burn out!!!! You have to have balance and enjoy life.  You only have one life to LOVE and live, and in order to be inspired to create and in return inspire others, you must stop to smell the roses.   The only other rituals I have are to celebrate your wins after the shoot and take the team out to enjoy some vino when we wrap! 


Anytime I have a shoot I am constantly:

FOCUSED!  People always ask me if I’m ok when I’m on set...I am so focused and in the moment I hardly speak to anyone except my lovely model.  I am planning in my head everything and anything, and I am always laying the foundation for back up plans B, C and D.... just in case. 


What is the one product/tool that you can't live without? 

I cannot live without my CBC micro embossing iron, my Stylelink Height Riser for braid work, and my Volume builder to create the perfect texture for dress work. 


What was your favorite technique to use in this shoot?

Braiding.  I never grew up braiding; in fact I couldn't even do a three-strand braid! With all the new trends that have become the  "in and now," I figured I better figure it out!  I still don’t consider myself the best braider, but I have used that to think outside the box and create eye-pleasing braids that are not over complicated, but still look impactful.  Many artists have told me I have my own "style" of braiding. I guess I’m a boho girl at heart so I channel a lot of free, organic textures, braids and twists.  I always love a look that is lived in and raw.


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Hair: Danielle Keasling

Wardrobe: (ALL MADE OF HAIR): Danielle Keasling

Makeup: Kissie Lyn Ton

Photography: Zoe Christou Welsh

Hair extensions used:  Hairuwear Raquel Welch