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Emiliano Vitale's latest collection "Fluidity" was inspired by Time, Travel, Texture and Tribe. The images speak for themselves; filled with raw nature and empowerment, however I wanted to know about the man behind this collection and what these inspirations meant to him. Take a peek at Emiliano's latest collection of absolute ART and learn more about him...  



The images are extremely bold and portray a strong sense of culture; Were these inspirations from recent or past travels? 


This collection is a journey more into our sub-conscious rather than anything external. Having said that, our sub-conscious is influenced by everything we experience day to day, so probably is. Whenever your working with Robert and Kay Lobetta, you’re pushed to the very edge of your own limitations. They take you to the cliff and you have to jump. Part of working with this team is having the complete courage to trust the process, the people around you and be in the moment. Working with Robert is the most magical experience and you are tested on every level, however somehow Rob and I have found a way to communicate with a genuine honesty and I trust wherever it is he takes me. This collection represents - Tribalism - Past - Future - Travel - and Time travel



Is there a specific place you have travelled that you continually gather inspiration from?

I am no longer inspired by places I go, or places I have been. Inspiration is no longer important to me. I am now “DRIVEN” to create things that are aesthetically pleasing to me. I am now driven to create things that are new to me, to experience things for the first time and to experience something new everyday. Sadly if we focus on where we have been, we lose sight of where we are going and we are influenced too much by our past. 


It is important to surround yourself with people who are driven to live their own purpose, driven to explore their own humanity and in this space you're immersed in a vacuum of creative energy that without prejudice introduces you to your greater self. 



Tribe is a word that has gained popularity to describe social groups in recent times, what "tribe" do you identify with? 

The tribe of self actualisation. The tribe of Truth. The tribe which has the balls to push creative boundaries, not just in hair but in the life you're living, the projects you’re a part of.  I don’t ever dream on “what if” if I ever what if, I will FIND out. My tribe is the hairdressing community - THE HAIRDRESSER- THE ARTIST - building and sharing a platform that is equal, harmonious and giving. That’s my tribe.



How has your idea of "Time" changed so far in your lifetime?

It is a continuum of change to be honest. In the moment I am living now, time seems to be going very fast. My wife is pregnant with our first baby and I want time to fast forward so I can meet that little human. However I also know that our life will never be the same so I am trying to enjoy what we have now. I have come to realise that this moment once it is lived is gone, never to come back, as is this thought, that word, those actions. 


My view on time always changes as I change, as my perception of the world changes. It seems like moments ago I was looking at my heroes, and getting inspired by what they are doing and allowing that to dictate what I do next. Now I find myself working with my heroes creating the future, now together. 

Time, is there really such a thing as time????? PEACE!


Collection Credits:

hair: Emiliano Vitale
makeup: Chereine Waddell
photographer: Robert Lobetta
styling: Fleur Egan
salon: e SALON

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