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Stylist, Manny Dominguez exudes passion in each and every one of his pieces from concept to completion. He has been styling hair for 6 years now, and started in editorial 2 years ago. He has worked on fashion weeks for Charlie Price and the Beauty Underground Team. His motivation stems from Charlie Price, Chrystopher Benson, Nicholas French and Jake Thompson - leading him to create what he loves and breaking “normal hair standards” along the way. He loves this industry because it is a communal contribution to the fashions and trends that keep it moving along. Learn more about Manny, from his motto “Dream but don’t sleep”, to the editorial work he has been perfecting… 



Can you tell us more about you and your styling career?

I decided to do hair in 2010. Originally I was thinking on going to interior design school, but soon enough I realized that hair was a more important career since it  is more of a priority for people than having a fancy decorated house..I mean, who wants to walk around with roots? 



What is your favorite technique to use?

My favorite technique to use in the salon is balayage when I color. Not only because of the freedom and comfort of creating something unique but because it allows me to really customize every client's hair.



What has been the biggest defining moment in your career?

The biggest defining moment in my career so far was being selected to go to New York Fashion Week by Charlie Price and work alongside the Beauty Underground team.



Can you give us some insight into what your creative process is like whether working on a shoot or in the salon?

I enjoy doing hair for the camera. Is something completely different from working behind the chair. In the studio it's all about the angles. One misplaced hair and the image could be ruined. I say this because me and my team don't rely on photoshop like many others. We try the hardest to use it to a minimal. Something we see magazines and images in which photoshop is so overwhelming that the image often loose it taste and purity. I prefer in the more natural,  vivid and pure images. I'm not a fan of fixing hair color on the computer.

I like to stay unique and let my colors shine without the help of enhancing computer methods. 



Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration every day and night in my head actually. I go through so many magazines daily that all those images stay in my head and then I create my own thing. Also I find inspiration in abstract art and sculptures. 

Every time I walk into the studio there's ideas and a plan but often those ideas vanish the moment I start working with the hair. All depends on my mood. I learn to enhance instead of fight the hair. Often is all about the model's best face angle and hair growth pattern. Theirs many factors. The clothing play an important role as well and how the hair will enhance or kill the outfits.  We plan and plan but in that moment of shooting more often things always change last minute. 



Is there one product or tool that you can’t live without? 

Hairspray is definitely the product I can't live without.  Hairspray is everything on creating hair at the studio.Shine spray are also handy. 


If you had a superpower what would it be?

If I had a superpower that would be reading people's mind. I hate to admit that I often find myself wondering what goes into the mind of others, especially people close to me. But again, I guess is better sometimes not to know that, hahaha.


What is your favorite trend of the moment?

I don't have a favorite trend or style. I feed myself with all of them and read about every one of them.Then I get my own style base on all. I go with the flow of life. Every hair, every model, every client, every head is different so we are forced to switch and improve and be better. 


What are your biggest challenges?

Hair is a challenging thing. Not everyone have perfect hair. As much as I admire the biggest beauty icons we have today I try to not copy any one. I like to mix everything up. There are no rules in hairstyling. 



What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career, so far?

My biggest accomplishment in this career has been not to get bored. I admit it. I tend to get bored easily but I found out that in hairdressing is so much to learn and to do that's almost impossible to get bored. I get inspired every time I see the work of fellow friend Charlie Price, or the work of Mark Lesson, Guido and Nicholas French. 


Any advice for the next generation of stylists? 

My advice to the next generation of hairstylists is to learn as much as you can from every single hairstylist you meet. Go and shadow as much as you can. If possible, try to find an old lady that still do hair and have over 40 + years experience in the industry.  You will be amaze all the old tricks the can teach when it comes to styling hair. Also, don't ever pretend you know it all after you reach having a full book at the salon, there's no one out there that knows it all. Everyday is a new learning experience. Dream but don't sleep my friends.

To learn more about Manny and see his work, be sure to stalk him on Bangstyle!