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As the key hairstylist for FashioNXT, Sarah Adams is definitely always ahead of the trends and has a keen eye for fashion. She began in the music industry, where her love for transforming people backstage began. Her transition into the hair industry has been extremely successful as she shines both in salon and behind the scenes on runways and editorial. Sarah is one to watch, especially because we love her style! Learn more about this amazing artist and stay tuned for the looks from the 2016 FashioNXT show!




Can you tell us a little more about you and your styling background? 

Music was my first career so I lived in the backstage world, transforming myself and others into characters before I was ever a hair artist!

I began to see beauty as an art form and really wanted to expand on that creatively, which is how I got into styling. I love to sculpt hair, whether that is a men’s haircut with no guards or hand making hair additions to create new shapes. I have been blessed to have a few, being named Key Hairstylist for FashioNXT 4 years ago has absolutely launched my career. I curate designs for around 27 famous fashion designers each year for a 4 day runway presentation. Hairstylists last year came from all over the USA and Canada just to take part in the unique hands-on experience with me backstage.  






Do you have any rituals to ensure a successful shoot? 

YES! I am a very spiritual person. I have an altar in my home, made up of special little things; crystals, incense, a candle, a picture, goals written on post-it notes, scrolls. They serve as my reminder to be focused, stay positive, gentle, and aware. When I am on the road I actually take many of the pieces with me. Furthermore, I like to arrive on set early. EVERY TIME. That way I can center myself, get a hold on the room’s energy, and set my intentions before I begin.







Where do you find your inspirations?

Grace Coddington once said, “Keep your eyes open, keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.”

So, I sleep with one eye open. I have a terrible case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and my Instagram feed is filled with international trends in fashion, sex, music, and architecture. 







What is the one product/tool that you can’t live without?

Right now I can’t live without my BALMAIN 24karat gold spa brush. It makes me feel like the queen. Their products smell dreamy and give the most perfect control and moisture to any hair texture.


If you had a superpower, what would it be? 

I already have superpowers so it would be great to trade them for a private jet or something! Really, I love to travel but if I could fly any faster, I would. 




Can you give us a bit of insight into what the typical creative process behind creating an editorial? 

I get a team of talented people together to help me. That is number one. I also have a TOP SECRET creative process but it involves a lot of pacing, grunting (usually cuss words), and quite a bit of karaoke.


Who were your mentors along the way? 

My mentors are;Tabatha Coffey for her unapologetic standards in business, Craig Hanson for his communication, his eye for detail, and finishing skills, Iris Apfel for her individualism in fashion, Charlie Price for his leadership in hairdresser independence and my managers at crowdMGMT; they ALWAYS have something sage to say. They keep me grounded in the best way. 


What are your virtues? Vices? 

My virtues are my work ethic, the truth, my soul, and kindness. I have never understood mean people. 

My vices…Don’t you wish you knew!!!! OK OK. I am an artist, I have a dirty mind, and I love to party. We will stop there. 



What hair trends can we look forward to this season? 

For men, I am doing either heavier shapes with more length, or super short crop and buzz cuts. For a great looking buzz, I use my clippers to remove bulk and I work the shape in tighter using shear and razor over comb. It helps me to gain control over customizing the silhouette of the shape. 

For women it’s heavy fringe, highly shaped fringe, and healthy hair. I love using hair additions to give people a zero commitment bang for their buck. That way they don't have to grow out a pesky fringe or wait for their hair to grow out into a long pony tail. They can just clip it in. 


Be sure to stalk Sarah to see her latest runway looks from this years FashioNXT!