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Anna Sofia has some of the most creative, technically skilled, beautiful braids around. At 13 years old, her skill level has already surpassed seasoned stylists, she is a true representation of what passion and drive can create. Take a look below at this gorgeous tutorial she created and be sure to follow her on Bangstyle and Instagram @hairstyles_by_anna_sofia to see the wonderful works of art this young talent has created.



STEP 1:     To begin your braid, on prepped and curled hair, separate of a section of hair at the top of the head.



STEP 2:     Temporarily clip it out of the way, and secure the rest of the hair into a ponytail.




STEP 3:     Next, release the clip and begin a fishtail braid. To do this, split the hair into two equal pieces. Take a small section from the left side, and cross it over to the middle, joining it to the right section. Then take a small section from the right side, and cross it over to the middle joining it to the left section. Continue these steps all the way down.



STEP 4:     Secure the braid with a clear baby elastic.



STEP 5:     Next, clip the fishtail braid up out of the way, and begin a Dutch braid right underneath it. To do this, take a section of hair and divide it into 3 equal pieces. Then cross the left strand under the middle, then the right strand under the middle. Continue these steps, adding in a new piece of hair the out strand before crossing them under.



STEP 6:     Every few stitches, go back and gently pull the edges of the braid to make it fuller.



STEP 7:     Once the Dutch braid reaches the nape of the neck, unclip the fishtail and join it into the braid.



STEP 8:     Now, take two to three poppy pins and pin them down the middle of the fishtail to keep it secure in the middle of the Dutch braid.



STEP 9:     To finish, roll the braid into a low bun and pin it in place. Then you can go back and pull on the edges of the Dutch braid some more, and fix the fishtail to make sure it is centralized. And you’re finished!



We can't wait to see what Anna Sofia does next! Be sure to stalk Anna on Bangstyle and follow her on Instagram to see her latest inspirations and tutorials!