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With so many smoothing treatments on the market, it can be difficult to choose one just for you. To ease the process, choose health! Cezanne is the formaldehyde-free smoothing alternative that is proud to be 100% formaldehyde-free, tested and tried.



Ask your stylist if the smoothing treatment you’re receiving is formaldehyde-free. Our Cezanne Impressionists will be happy to talk through the ingredients with you. Why? Because we’re tested to be 100% formaldehyde-free.


Think other smoothing treatments are formaldehyde-free? Make sure you research each treatment carefully—your health depends on it. Some smoothing brands may claim to be formaldehyde-free but will often disguise formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, under a different word in their ingredient list.


Formaldehyde in Smoothing Treatments  


Formaldehyde is a gas at room temperature, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For this reason, some smoothing brands may list “methylene glycol” on their ingredient list instead of formaldehyde because it’s a mixture of formaldehyde and water, which they claim creates a new chemical, according to an article from the Environmental Working Group (EWG). It also eliminates the word “formaldehyde” altogether—a name that the average consumer knows is toxic.


However, according to the article, the EPA lists methylene glycol as a form of formaldehyde and “uses the term ‘formaldehyde’ to cover both free formaldehyde gas and methylene glycol, or formaldehyde solution, on its inventory of chemicals manufactured or imported into the U.S.” When heated with a blow-dryer or flat iron during a smoothing treatment process, methylene glycol releases vapors or “formaldehyde” gas, which causes immediate eye, nose, throat and skin irritation and poses cancer risks with long-term exposure.


Cezanne Ingredients that Smooth You Hair


The smoothing alternatives that Cezanne uses are Glycolic Acid and Sericin and Keratin. If these ingredients were steps during the smoothing process, Glycolic Acid would be step one, Sericin would be step two and Keratin would be step three.


Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid is a popular anti-aging ingredient that has been recognized for many years. Glycolic acid is safe for the stylist and for the client. It fully penetrates the hair shaft, enhancing softness, improving manageability, preventing breakage and protecting from heat.



This is our favorite ingredient! Sericin is a natural protein produced by the silk worm, Bombyx mori. In silk, Sericin acts as cement between filaments of fibroin. Sericin possesses a high affinity for the keratin in hair. In hair, Sericin acts as cement between reticulated proteins, sealing in moisture, adding luster, protecting bonds and locking hair into a smoother, straighter form. There is no other smoothing product in the world that uses Sericin in the way it’s used in Cezanne.



You may have heard the words “keratin smoothing treatment” referring to traditional smoothing treatments. However, the word “keratin” is somewhat of a misnomer, as keratin is not the actual ingredient that smooths the hair. Keratin is certainly one of the ingredients we use, but it’s only one of the three parts we need to smooth your hair completely. Keratin is the strong protein in skin, hair and nails that heals and protects. Think of it sealing the treatment in.


The good news is that these ingredients are 100% formaldehyde-free. Instead of compromising your health and the health of your hair, our ingredients actually make your mane healthier and stronger. They smooth your hair and repair damage from lightening, chemotherapy, age and many other processes that break down bonds.


There is only one Cezanne. As a 100% formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment, the results move us into a category of our own. Try our treatment and experience the life-changing ingredients for yourself.

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