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Cover Photo Hair By: Lucie Monbillard 


Melissa Peverini is a stylist, a spokesperson, an inventor and a mom. She works with clients ranging from rock stars to politicians and is an ambassador for Cricket Co. She is a style reporter on the regular for local news channels and makes guest appearences on Home Shopping TV as an industry pro. Yes, she does all of this at the same time as inventing her own hair tools and promoting the Fringe Snipper! Get to know more about Melissa, the woman behind the Fringe



How Melissa got started in hair:

I knew at 8 years old, when I was cutting my grandpa’s hair, that this was going to be my career. At the point of college or beauty school  I chose beauty school and was even more motivated when all my relatives told me I would not make any money. After beauty school, I went to London to train with Toni & Guy and then landed a job in my town at the best salon. I have been there for 25 years as my home base.


How did you transition into the role as a spokesperson?

I did platform work for companies such as Wella, Maxius and Goody, at trade shows and when one of them wanted to take products to TV, they felt I was the best presenter. Since then, home shopping networks link companies who need a guest presenter, with me.


What are your inspirations behind starting your own company and how do you juggle this alongside your other appearances?

I was a back-up for so many companies that created products and tools, so it inspired me to take a chance on my own venture. I was also able to see what was already in the market place, meet manufactures, and find a niche. Years ago, I started with the “fringe kit”, this was a bang trimming kit that included scissors and a booklet. I was approached by QVC at the time and they said it was novel, but not innovative. That pushed me to create an innovative bang trimming tool, now called the Fringe Snipper

 Juggling my time between appearances, consulting, promoting, styling and being a mom…takes planning. My calendar is booked 3-6 months in advance, and yes, always changes. I am at a point where I need a strategic partner in my business so it can grow to the next level. Any jobs that I take on today, aside from my own business, has to have an opportunity to merge into mine. It may be with social media, marketing, press, distribution or just old fashion networking!


The number one piece of “hair advice” you suggest to clients and friends?

 Only wear a scrunchi at home and please, when you’r getting dressed up and want to toss your hair in a pony, make it look fashionable; tease, accessorize, braid, or curl.



How  did inventing the Fringe Snipper change your life?

I was able to fulfill a life long goal: Going on Home Shopping TV and selling my own hair tools! I am now also a consultant to others who want to bring their dreams to reality and this has increased my credibility and my demand, which turns into making more dollars. 


Insider Trends for the Bangstyle Community:  

Clip-in bangs! Stock up on them for your clients, and if they do not want to purchase, rent them out for the night, along with a self addressed, stamped padded envelope for them to drop in the mailbox the next day. 


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