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We are excited to welcome another Professional Brand to the Bangstyle family! We wanted to give you an inside scoop into FROMM International and this longstanding member of the beauty community. Help welcome them into our community by checking out their channel. Without further adieu… Fromm!

Founded in 1907, FROMM International is a leading manufacturer of beauty tools for professionals and consumers. Its mission? To find better ways to create beauty. As a leader in beauty that millions of stylists know and trust, Fromm International promises genuine quality and design, guided by its founding heritage and values.

For the past 108 years, one family has been at the helm of this renowned beauty business. Founder James Simon originally created the Illinois Razor Strop Company to sell razor strops to barbers. Forty years later, James’ son, Edwin, joined and the growing business began to sell Fromm shears, high-quality options designed by brothers Walter and Otto Fromm. The magnitude of influence of the professional-grade shears prompted a change in the company name in 1984 to Fromm International, in recognition of the brothers’ trade. The family ownership lives on as a cornerstone of the business, as James’ son, granddaughter and grandson-in-law are actively involved.

While the namesake products – razor strops used to “renew” the edges of straight razors – remain in inventory, Fromm’s portfolio has expanded to include thousands of beauty tools, ranging from shears and capes to brushes and combs. Hair stylists all over the globe flock to Fromm for its quality, authenticity, and beauty in products. With an eye for innovation, Fromm strategically streamlined its portfolio from 11 lines to five brands in 2014, unveiling an enhanced brand vision to reflect the evolution of the company.

Three of the Fromm International brands in particular – Fromm, 1907 by Fromm, and Diane by Fromm – provide different levels and price points of beauty tools:
• Fromm: Epitomizing artistry in tools, Fromm products are created with precise and innovative designs to provide stylists the tools they need in order to make each client look and feel beautiful. The iconic German-made Fromm shears that launched the collection are accompanied by professional-grade boar bristle brushes, thermal brushes, razors, thinners , stylist apparel, and more.
• 1907 by Fromm: This contemporary beauty tool brand draws from the heritage of Fromm to create sleek designs that are high-quality, authentic and expertly crafted. Its selection of products includes head bands, copper brushes, dryers , and shears.
• Diane by Fromm: Offering the best in basics for any styling routine, Diane by Fromm creates everyday beauty essentials. From cute combs , hair pins, and spa accessories, to the ultimate selection for a stylist’s toolkit, Diane does it all.

With an emphasis on cutlery, salon apparel , combs, brushes, and other salon tools we are honoring the integrity of its heritage while exploring innovations. Fromm International strives to be the superior choice in beauty tools and essentials for today and tomorrow.

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