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As part of the brand’s commitment to the environment, COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY has partnered with Green Circle Salons in order to help salons across North America become more sustainable and profitable. An organisation that acts as a resource for sustainable waste management, Green Circle is committed to helping salons make a difference for the environment. 

North American salons produce approximately 421,206 pounds of waste every day, and needlessly rinse excess hair colour down the drain. Through their passionate commitment to the environment, Green Circle provides the means for salons to send colour by-products such as leftover hair colour, aluminum foils, colour tubes and applicators for innovative reuse and environmentally friendly recycling. Each year, COLOR.ME salons across North America recycle an estimated 20,000 tubes of colour through Green Circle, which get recycled and re-used for impactful and sustainable projects!

“With unique initiatives like using hair to help clean up oil spills and turning colour tubes and colour waste in to clean energy, Green Circle truly exemplifies our brand’s key messaging of ‘the choices we make’ and how they affect the environment,” says founder Kevin Murphy.

COLOR.ME is committed to the movement, and aims to spread the word on how this effort can have a huge impact on the environment and the beauty industry as a whole. Participating salons can significantly reduce their environmental footprint with results of up to 95% waste reduction by joining Green Circle. A growing number of salons across North America are joining this movement as part of a growing initiative to keep people and our planet beautiful! 


Check out what some of our Green Circle salons have to say:

“Grow Salon has been an eco-salon since its inception, as well as a KEVIN.MURPHY/COLOR.ME salon, so partnering with Green Circle was an obvious choice! We joined as a Green Circle Salon a year ago, and it has been so wonderful! Our clientele is very eco-conscious, so they are always thrilled to learn about the Green Circle initiatives that allow us to recycle 90% of our salon waste. Talking about Green Circle pairs perfectly with conversations regarding the healthiness of the COLOR.ME brand and KEVIN.MURPHY's commitment to eco-friendly practices. We absolutely love partnering with Green Circle and KEVIN.MURPHY!” – Rachel Powell, Salon Coordinator at Grow Salon, Seattle, WA, USA

“We have been with Green Circle Salons for almost three years. They’ve helped us bring our recycling to another level and have made it a lot more convenient to recycle even more items than we did before! We hardly have any waste at all, and this is so important to the values of our salon. We have been a KEVIN.MURPHY salon for seven years, and now that we are both a COLOR.ME and Green Circle salon, we’ve been so happy with everything it’s allowed us to do!” – Reanne Bachand, Manager at The Beauty Parlour, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“We've been with Green Circle since 2013, and though we've always recycled and reused as much as we possibly could, Green Circle takes it steps further. They take all of our unwashed foil and hair clippings for recycling, and they even take our colour waste so that it isn't introduced into a waste water facility, which was never intended to process hair colour. We love partnering with KEVIN.MURPHY, COLOR.ME and Green Circle Salons!” – Angie Elder, Owner at Melange Salon & Spa, Edmonton, AB, Canada

Read below for a few tips from Green Circle on how to make your salon more sustainable!

  • Switch to LED bulbs. A mid-sized salon can save $14,000 in electricity costs over the lifespan of a bulb just by using LED bulbs.
  • Install low-flow faucets. Reduce wasted water at the washing station by installing low-flow faucets to decrease water consumption.
  • Clean Green. Use 100% biodegradable cleaning products to ensure your salon has a safer and healthier environment.
  • Save electricity. Purchase Energy Star appliances to save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.
  • Green Circle Salons Program. Join the movement and recycle your materials to benefit your community and other sustainable initiatives with Green Circle. Salons typically earn $2000 - $5000 per year with the program and it’s also a great way to attract new clients by truly being a green salon.

Interested in becoming a Green Circle Salon? Head on over to www.kevinmurphy.com.au and www.greencirclesalons.com to find out more!