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Prior to now, highlights and men haven’t quite mixed. You might be seeing flashbacks of frosted tips running through your mind… us too. However with recent trends leaning toward androgynous nature, we have finally started to accept the idea of highlights for guys, or “guy-lights”.

Highlights for men are more about placement and shade to accentuate a style, than to lighten your hair or completely change an overall color. Men tend to look better with their natural tone, but we aren’t adverse to some sun-kissed goodness here and there.


To keep the highlights looking natural:


- Be sure to only lighten a few shades above the natural color.

- Rather than foiling, ask for balayage. This “natural” placement isn’t just for the ladies, it will work wonders on males as well.

- Educate yourself and your clients about upkeep; regular toning or conditioning treatments may be required.

- When you are coloring to accentuate a style, it is all about the placement and it may be best to get more of an “under-light” or peek-a-boo style highlight to avoid harsh lines or roots.

- Keep texture in mind. For styling purposes it is important to pay attention to hair texture. Whether your hair is naturally curly, straight, or wavy; you need to decide if you will be styling it straight or leaving it textured; this can affect placement.

Since men tend to keep their hair on the shorter side, you can often get away with trying out new styles without the daunting task of having to grow it out. Since you oftentimes have to visit the salon more often, this could be the perfect time to try out a new shade, just in time for fall fashion.

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