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Using healthy hair cutting techniques, stylists can provide some longevity to their creations, allowing their clients to truly live in their “lived-in” look. Keep reading for advice on how to achieve undone cutting perfection straight from CUTTING.MASTER Tim McClean!



It’s no secret that undone, lived-in hair is having a moment. However, the natural movement that is synonymous with the look can be difficult for clients to maintain as their cut grows out.  I’ve recently had several stylists ask for guidance when their clients walk in for a consultation with Pinterest images of Edie Campbell or Candice Swanepoel, two beauties with very different approaches to the undone trend. 

Whether it’s Edie’s modern shag or Candice’s soft boho beach mane walking down the runway, clients are on the hunt for the look’s signature movement and texture that is never dry or damaged looking. After we experience a flash of panic, it is time to work our magic and make it happen.

There are two techniques I use to create the undone look: use products and mechanical tools to create texture, or use cutting techniques and products to enhance the hair’s natural movement. 


Here are some tips for achieving the perfect lived-in cut:


  • Try to avoid a razor, thinning scissors, or slide cutting. While these are very creative tools and techniques, they add stress to the hair as the cut ages. 


  • To achieve the undone look, forego excessive layering in favor of internal shape cutting, which allows you to cut according to the natural shape and contours your client was born with.


  • Use a sharp pair of 6” scissors that have a little extra weight to give the texture and movement your client is looking for. I recommend using Curved Scissors, which makes your work easier by allowing the the shorter hairs to push the longer hairs in a direction dictated by the hairdresser. 


On top of having a great cut, the style’s iconic bounce and movement comes from having healthy hair and the right products.  All great styles start in the washing stage of the hair, which provides the foundation needed to build the style. I personally love the strengthening REPAIR.ME line for keeping the hair looking damage-free.

If your client needs some extra texture, I recommend applying BODY.BUILDER before your blow-dry, adding curls with an iron, and finishing with UN.DRESSED or DOO.OVER depending on their desired result. Otherwise, BODY.BUILDER and KILLER.CURLS are great choices for letting your client’s natural texture out to play.


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