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We’ve all been there – you get a call from our best friend to meet her at the beach, all your friends are going. You hurriedly throw on your favorite bikini and grab your beach bag to hit the sand. As you’re on your way, you start to think… will we go out after? Will that cute guy from the coffee shop be there? Am I going to go home to change and freshen up before tonight? Sometimes the excitement of enjoying a beautiful day in the sun overshadows your planning abilities. To ensure you’re always ready for the sun, surf, a date or late night hang out sesh during the summer months keep these essentials in your beach bag at all times, you’ll never have to worry about being beach-chic again.  

Salt Spray – Although you’ll be soaking up the sun and the salt from the ocean, you’ll still want to add a bit of controlled texture to your hair before hand. Plus, this Sea Salt Texturizing Spray literally smells like the perfect summer. Après beach, it is the perfect pick me up. With Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Starch, it gives your hair volume as it conditions.

Miracle Hair Treatment – This is a great treatment to use after you get out of the shower whether air or heat drying. At the beach, this is actually a great product to apply prior to going in the ocean, especially if you have color treated hair. This will keep your ends from becoming more damaged while keeping your color looking its best. With 11 benefits for your hair, you won’t have to worry about frizz, split ends or sun damage.

Make Me Shine Spray Gloss – Do you ever get the halo of frizz once you leave the beach? Your hair almost dried perfectly, but then your baby hairs decided to perk up. Although you may want to just throw your hair up in a topknot, don’t! Your style can be salvaged. Simply spritz, Make Me Shine Spray Gloss throughout your hair and calm your frizz by running your hands over the top layer. By adding sheen to the matte, beach nature of your strands it will instantly look more chic!

Remember, next time you leave the house to head to the beach grab at least one, if not all of these essentials to ensure your style is beach-chic not beach-bum!

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Sea Salt Texture Spray

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Miracle Hair Treatment

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Make Me Shine Spray Gloss