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Product is not an option, it is a necessity!


We’ve repeated this over and over and you’re getting it now, right? With so many products out there, it's the misapplication of a product that prevents you from replicating the style that you get when you leave the salon. How many of you knew that there is a actually a right and wrong way to apply product? I know, it seems extreme, but if you learn to apply product as intended, you will have a greater chance of replicating the style that your hairdressers created for you.

So lets talk the right product(s) for your hair type & desired look along with how to properly apply those products for best results.

To begin, determine the results you want from the product. The most common mistake is applying the product all over the hair and not in a specific area.
•If you want volume at the roots, only apply the product at the roots.
•If you want to smooth the ends, apply product to ends.
•If you are using a primer before blow drying then apply it all over to cut down your drying time.

The palm of your hand actually becomes a reservoir for your product; using only your finger tips to apply the product to your hair will prevent over-application of product. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we have some tips and tricks for applying our favorite products, check this out.

Gels:  Placing the gel in the palm of your hands, emulsify into the palm and apply to the base. The most common mistake when working with a gel or mousse is we apply it all over. Where do you want the volume and lift to take place? The base or roots, right?  So that's where you should apply 
Primers:Not only can you cut your blow drying time in down but this also helps protect the hair from heat. Because we want to protect all our hair, this is a product you would apply scalp to end. We recommend using Redken Pillow Proof dry express primer - you'll love it!
Oils: Not We LOVE working with oils such as Redken’s Diamond Oil. Tame frizz at the base or frizz on the ends, remember to determine the area you want to target and only apply there.

Remember, Reservoir, Emulsify then Apply!

HOT TIP: Take a simple powder brush, apply oil to the brush from the palm of your hand, or your reservoir as we call it, and lightly brush the fly aways at the base of your hair. This will apply a small amount of oil to your hair, just enough to get those fly aways to lay down. Try this!!


•Powder: Working with a powder is great for absorbing extra oils as well as adding texture and pliability to your hair. But, misapplication can result in actually seeing the powder on the surface.  Determine where you want the added volume, shake it slightly to load the product, lift the hair where you want the product to be placed and shoot the powder in. You are placing the product where you want the most response. By shaking up the hair and powder, now you’ve got volume and lift.
•Blending Products: There is no rule that states you can only use one product at a time, so get creative here. For extra texture, we recommend blending Redken's Rough Paste 12 and Powder Grip. Add both products to your reservoir, blend the products, emulsify and then apply.

Medium to Coarse Hair: Pick up a boar bristle round brush, we recommend the Sam Villa Medium Oval Brush, and apply a small amount of Redken Diamond Oil shatterproof shine to the palm of your hand, distribute the oil on the bristles of the brush, using just your finger tips, then round brush like you normally would. This will control extra frizz and give a shiny and smooth stretch to the hair.

Product is the foundation to a successful hair day but you have got to master to application to get results. Start small, you can always apply more product if needed, but over-application can make the styling more challenging. So don’t give up on those stylist recommended products, get them out and apply the correct way and watch the magic happen.

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