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Fashion Week (more like Fashion Month), is a great time to find inspiration for the season of hairstyles to come.  All over the world, great minds come together to create hair, makeup and nail trends to compliment and contrast each artist’s show. As we begin to create new styles we often find ourselves looking for the foundational techniques to create a solid look. Whether you want to embellish a braid, create a voluminous up-style, or the perfect pony -STITCH is a dynamic tool than can help you achieve beautiful results without the need for bobby pins. Whatever you are looking to create, be sure to follow these tips for a successful style.


Create A Base: You’ll want an anchor point, or two, to create a unique style with the STITCH. Ponytails or braids work hand-in-hand with this tool and provide the perfect foundation to build upon.

Watch Your Tension: When pulling hair through with the STITCH you’ll want to create a clean section, holding hair will even tension, parallel to the STITCH. As you pull the STITCH through it is also important to keep tension on the tendril to ensure a straight line without flyaways.

STITCH Smooth: Curling, micro-crimping and texturizing hair are all great ways to add dimension to your design. When prepping hair, be sure to think of your hair as a fabric. Smooth fabrics like leather, plastic, thin rope and even elastic work best to STITCH with because they don’t pull the hair. When micro-crimping, using an tool like the Sam Villa Textr Iron, it works great to crimp the hair while still keeping it smooth and easy to STITCH.

Watch Your Point: There is an angled point on the STITCH. When angled down (toward the scalp) it cuts through the hair, allowing you to control the section and thread through hair easily. Point the end up when you want to create a STITCH on top of the section. 

Have Fun & Be Creative: The best part about the STITCH is that it is a tool that you can experiment with. Try out new styles and push the previous limits of your styling abilities. Test out new fabrics and find new uses for old extensions.


For more cutting and finishing techniques, be sure to stalk Daniel Roldan on Bangstyle and check out all of his amazing tools available in the store!