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Nebula by Mary Alamine (styling) and Travis Bandiera (colorist) is literally OUT OF THIS WORLD! These two teamed up to make outer space dreams come true through color and styling. Although the art speaks for itself, see this amazing collection and hear about the inspirations behind the collection.


The collection was inspired by the nebula phenomenon which is created when a star blows off its outer layers after it has run out of fuel to burn.


To be honest, our interest in space began with Star Wars and we were checking out all the cool costumes and design work involved in the movies and we accidentally stumbled onto the images of Nebulas so we checked out the database of images taken by the Hubble Telescope on http://hubblesite.com and we were instantly blown away by the colours and beauty. 



We all kind of gasped and were in awe of the beauty that natural phenomenon can display. Also, it can’t be seen by the naked eye and is actually the result of the end of a star’s life. We’re romantics at heart so the whole thing was amazing to us!



We wanted the haircuts to have sharp and clean lines, this was crucial as it supported the styling we wanted to portray which had a mixture of polished and textured finishes. This gave us the ability to create shapes that contoured perfectly to the brief. 



The colour portrays a literal interpretation of a nebula; where all colours of the spectrum collide and are cohesive. we wanted to incorporate your traditional fashion shades alongside pastels, marrying the two color types together - just like you would see in a nebula. 



We always wanted to have strong statement colors which would add depth to haircuts and give a multidimensional finish to the hair. 

Be sure to stalk Mary Alamine and Travis Bandiera to see more of their amazing art! 


Hair: Mary Alamine
Hair Colour: Travis Bandiera
Photographer: David Mannah
Makeup Artist: Mikele Simone
Salon: Royals Hair