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Janine Ker has taken hair art to a whole new level, she started out as an artist and has taken her talents behind the chair and beyond. Lucky for us we were able to chat with Janine about all things hair & life and what happens when you blend the two together. She talks to us about her different techniques and definitely gives us inspiration to get creative with our craft. 


HAIR:  I literally view hair as a medium.  I always have, instinctively.  Whether I envision how each and every hair strand will land on the human head, when I cut hair... or create objects out of it.  It is a material to me.  It responds physically and chemically to manipulation.

LIFE:  Authenticity is very important to me as a person.  I have made it a priority to be myself, no matter what the cost.  That includes exploring all the facets of my personality.  This has led me through various avenues, using my gifts to provide services to others: counseling, case management, art instructor, artist and now, hair stylist.  I love working with my hands and mind.  We are each given natural gifts and we should all use them to make a positive impact while we are here.  I hope to be able to declare that at the end of my lifetime.

HAIR-LIFE:  I have found this very interesting!  There is definitely a culture to step into, that exists behind the chair.  There are definitely different definitions of "Beauty" and what it means to work in the "Beauty Industry".  I do my best to focus on a beauty that is invisible; the emotional translation of what I do with hair.  I want my work to contribute to a stronger sense of self.  No matter what I do, how hard I work, how many clients I have... I am only as good as the way I made my last muse feel.


1. "Slick Heat" is the ideology behind forms I want to tightly fuse together to create precise form.  I love using this method to make hair, really, really not look like hair and form is my total focus.




2. "Rough Heat" - My ideology behind this method is focusing on developing different ways to tightly fuse hair fibers to create form.  This method creates a softer look and is more obvious to viewers, that hair is the main ingredient to the form they are taking in.




3. "Dull Heat" - My ideology behind using artificial hair focuses on the strength of it, or lack there of.  There is definitely a difference.  Anyone who works with artificial hair knows that it cannot take the temperature beating that real hair can.  And I have had to find ways to compensate for it's natural weakness.




4. "Combination Hair Forms" - Sometimes the vision I have in mind, includes various textures and effects.  For this, I combine two or more of my methods to create a more complex sculpture!



Be sure to stalk Janine on Bangstyle to see her latest creations!!