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As stylists, we’ve seen it all; Our clients who want to be platinum, and then level 1 black, and then platinum blonde again. When excessive coloring or bleaching is involved we often get close to the possibility of an unexpected chemical cut or spaghetti hair to go along with their color service.  


As professionals, it is our duty (within reason) to give our clients the color they want and to protect their hair along the way. When hair is damaged during coloring it leads to split ends, dull color, and unhappy clients. I know I’ve lost an inch or two to chemicals, although somehow it always feels like 10. So, how do we combat this?


Until now this chemical debacle has often resulted in the use of more and more chemicals to combat the breakage. Lucky for us, colorpHlex brings a new wave of natural technology; it is two step strengthening process.  The key ingredient is ColorStrong ComplexTM which is a combination of a hydrolyzed vegetable protein and co-polymer engineered  to correct the damage caused when disulfide bonds  are broken as a result of coloring. colorpHlex works its magic from the inside out, resulting in hair that is up to 4X stronger and color that is richer, shinier, and healthier.  


We can all agree; the best way to combat breakage is to stop it before it even starts. So be sure to follow the steps below to learn more about incorporating colorpHlex into your color services! 





If you are using colorpHlex with a permanent color, simply add up to 1 dropper  (1 ml) for each 1oz. (30ml) of mixture.  When we say “mixture” we are referring to the combined amount of color and developer.



In the case of bleaching or lightening the formula is different.  Lightening is much more aggressive than simple coloring and therefore you will increase the amount of Step 1 to: 3 droppers (or 3 ml) for every ounce of 30 ml of lightening mixture.  



You will then process your color or bleach as you normally would following the manufacturer's directions.  Remember: There is no need to increase your volume of developer or processing time.



COLORPHLEX STEP 2 - After removing the lightener and/or color it is time for Step 2.



Apply a small amount of colorpHlex™ Step 2, depending on the quantity of hair, to towel dried hair.  Gently massage and comb through from scalp to ends.



Leave Step 2 in the hair for 2 to 10 minutes depending on hair type and texture. Please use your professional judgment.  



You are then ready to rinse and proceed to the next service.


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