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Hair Color Splash Using Pravana Vivids

Written by, Colortrak Artistic and Technical Director, Gregory Alan.

Use this Vivid Color Application Technique to create a splash of Magenta and Blue Color with an overall Violet Effect.  The idea is to create an overall look of purple while allowing a shimmer of Magenta and Blue to shine through, by overlaying the splashes of Blue and Magenta with the Violet Color. 


Pre-Lighten Formulation: 30 Volume with Redken Flashlift.

Balayage Formulation: Pravana Pure Light with the Medium Strength. 

Vivid Base Formulation #1: ¼ oz Vivid Pravana Black ¾ oz Vivid Pravana Purple

Vivid Base Formulation #2: Vivid Pravana Purple 

Step by Step:

Step 1 - Begin your sectioning using Colortrak’s Croc Clips, and divide the hair into 3 sections: Front Left, Right and Back.

Step 2 - Working in diagonal back sections on the front sides, take large sliced sections using the Pre-Lighten Formula. The goal here is to create sheets of color that fall towards the face. Using Colortrak’s New Feather Bristle Precision Brush, fuse the color towards the scalp, then using Colortrak’s New Feather Bristle Wide Brush fuse the color away from the scalp and through the ends. Then fold the foil twice to prevent overlapping at the root area. 

Step 3 - Continue working up the head taking diagonal back sections that pivot off of each other and create a zigzag placement affect. Repeat the same application process on the opposite side. 

Step 4 - When applying the 2 back sections, use a balayage coloring technique. Working in diagonal back sections use Colortrak’s Balayage Board, Brush and film and the Balayage Formula.  Complete the entire back sections and then allow the color to process. 

Step 5 - Once the color has processed, prep your client for the vivid color application using Colortrak’s + Repelle to prevent any color staining.

Step 6 -  Begin your vivid color application using the same application process for pre-lightening the hair, making sure to only pick up the blonde hair. Use Pravana Vivids Purple towards the root area, and then fuse either the Vivid Magenta or Vivid Blue randomly throughout the hair strand. Then, apply the Vivid Purple over the entire section.  The goal here is to create a splash of color with an overall purple effect. Repeat the same process on the opposite side. 

Step 7 - Begin applying your Vivid Base Color using Vivid Base Formulation #1 at the root area and Vivid Base Formulation #2 everywhere else. Allow the color to process, wash and style as desired. 

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