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Short and sweet styles are breaking the Internet as celebs and style icons make the cut. With edgy styles reminiscent of the punk era, we are seeing more texture than ever before. Creating texture in style is less about styling and more about the tools and techniques you use to create your cut. In this tutorial, Donald Scott NYC shows us how to take your regular bob and add a facial frame with flair.  



STEP 1:   Prepare the hair with Prepare Liquid Tool Glide, for slip, glide and shine.

     * This also saves your blades, protects the cuticle layer, and creates a smoother razor glide.


STEP 2:   Take diagonal sections from the natural parting at the side to the corner of the ear, leaving the bangs out until later.


STEP 3:   Over direct the hair forward.  Start just below the eye and carve down smoothly with your 100% side of your Carving Comb.


STEP4:   Add 2 mists of prepare liquid glide to the opposite side, including the fringe. Over direct the hair forward and carve down to the longest length.


STEP 5:   Spray 2 more mists of Prepare to ready the section. To achieve the spaces in the face frame pinch each section where you would like the spacers to be and use your Chop Stik Pro to carve out the shape.


Whether taking hair shorter or simply adding texture, DSNYC tools make the process easier and aid in defining style at the same time. Take a peek at DSNYC in the Bangstyle store to see what you can create next!

 Get the look:

Haircut Tutorial  Haircut Tutorial