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When Daniel first created the STITCH  all you needed was the STITCH, 6 inches of hair and a foundation to secure the pattern to. Once Daniel played with that, he also started to expand on even more possibilities you could create with this tool. 

Better Braids! 

You can become a better braider by using the STITCH because you are anchoring the hair to the braid. Now, you can try all kinds of different braids using STITCH—even if you're not a big braider. Once you start braiding and anchoring, the ideas keep coming. 


Fabrics to Create Different Shapes


Fabric is a key thing, too. Leather, lace, elastic and thread created different silhouettes and shapes— ideas for fabric were all from Daniel's clients. When he started doing more wedding parties and special events they wanted to be a little different—that’s when he started using different materials.


Rubber Bands For Anchoring 


Rubber bands are vital to anchor the hair when STITCHing. Rubber bands, clips, any way to secure the hair on the bottom keeps that hair from incorporating into the style. 


Hairspray Manages the Silhouette


To manage a silhouette, hairspray is a great product to keep flyaways from getting into your work. 


Hot Tools Give Different Dimension


Using different tools gives you different dimensions, too. With Sam Villa’s texturizing iron, you can get an explosion of texture in your styles that give an entirely different dimension–this is key.  




You don't need to use the texturizing iron all over the head, either. Instead, flat iron and alternate sections with the Sam Villa texturizing iron to create different texture. That way, you have the shine of straight hair with a little bit of texturizing that blends seamlessly. Adding elastic or material to the style creates such beauty. 


The possibilities are always endless with the STITCH. People from all around the world using it—Germany, Australia, the U.K.—who love it. Look for more step-by-step tutorials soon from Daniel Roldan Hair Styling Co. and stay up to date with my work by following me on InstagramFacebook and Bangstyle