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The thing about pomade is that it can be used on any hair length if you know what to do with it. You can create styles that are wet, slick, or groomed. New Slick Hold Styling Pomade, plays up your hair’s natural moisture creating high shine styles without any crunch. 

We have been seeing the slicked look making it’s way down the runway and on actresses this award season. Styles like Ruby Rose’s short slick, Kristen Stewart’s shaggy styling and Jennifer Lawrence’s side part to name a few. To recreate these looks: Simply apply Slick Hold Styling Pomade to damp or dry hair and mould to create a controlled look with a glossy finish.


As well as nailing a flawless wet hairstyle, our latest product has many uses for all different hair types. It is perfect for flyaway control and creating effortless waves! Here’s just a few of our favourite ways and styling tips for using pomade:



1     Tame even the most stubborn frizz. With its firm hold, just a small amount is needed to banish fuzz and flyaways. Simply apply a small amount where needed to keep hair more manageable than ever.

2     The straight and sleek look has never been easier! Just run a small amount of Slick Hold Styling Pomade from mid-lengths to ends, comb through and style in a pony, bun or braid. Done.

3     For long hair styles, apply evenly throughout hair. start by taking a two-inch section at the back of the head. Apply product section by section whilst combing through. Style as desired. 

4     For effortless waves without any heat styling tools, apply Slick Hold Styling Pomade through damp hair and loosely braid hair. Allow to dry naturally and shake out braids for loose waves with a natural shine.

Slick Hold Styling Pomade is available across Australia now! Click here to find your closest stockist.