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It’s about time we focus on the things that really need our attention!

As we try and prepare for a new year ahead of us, we may find ourselves pushing out old habits and inviting in means of self-improvement (or so we say)! Cheers, we are toasting to a mid-Winter season with new beginnings.

It may have been jotted down on a napkin, typed in your iPhone notes, or shared on your social but whatever your resolution may be, we are all ready to hit refresh. Where did your hair go over the holidays anyways (parties, concerts, nights out in the cold; the galore)? 

It is time to cleanse and revive our ends, color, and hair shaft! Name the products you doused on your hair over the last couples of weeks. I can think of a few that I may have taken too far…and some times where I did not use my heat protectant. But that is what revival is for!

If your goal is to focus on bettering yourself this year around, a great way to start is by taking care of the basic things that make up your everyday! This will give you the confidence and grace to face the new year with a smile! Whether you are keeping up your color or going in for a post-holiday trim, pair your needs with a treatment that will bring your hair back from the tugs of your brush and heat of your tools. 

Drop the coconut oil and end the build-up cycle by talking to your stylist about adding Continuum to your treatment. It will target your hairs weaknesses and build bonds within the shaft to help repair and nourish it from the damage that has been done!

Enjoy your new start with fresh hair that softly shines and easily styles!

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