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Graduation, whether from beauty school or in your cuts is not an easy task. Elevation H makes education easy by creating effecient and complete cutting guides for stylists of all levels. In this tutorial we learn more about graduation on a short style. Elevation H shows us the techniques to use and tips for achieving that perfect cut!  



Follow the natural recession to the crown to separate side hair from top hair. Then take diagonal-back sections from the side hair. Cut palm to palm at 89 degrees. Cut from short at the hairline to longer at the top of the section. Work from the from hairline to just past the center back. Repeat process on the other side. This creates a rounded shape. 



Remove the corner that has built up from creating a rounded shape. Then, use the top of the side hair as a guideline to then achieve the convex separation technique throughout the top of the head.



Continue across the top hair, creating a progression of length from short to long. This encourages the hair to move in the opposite direction from where you are working. When hair is dry, go back in and refine the hairlines. 


Want to master this style even better? This cut is available on their website to purchase - take a peek at all their tutorials and full guides! 


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