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Cover Photo Style: Sylvia J. Stankowski

Are you ready for El Nino? Or rather, is your hair?


For the past few years California has been dryer than my split ends. That’s all about to change, according to the latest Accuweather forcasts. So riddle me this, is your hair ready for the humidity?The first time I ever saw “anti-humidty” spray was in New York. Why they didn’t think to market this to the rest of the country is a mystery to me and my years as a highschool frizz ball.


Here’s the thing about moisture, it attacks everyone and everything in sight! Duck and Cover!!!! It can make straight hair fall limp and make curly hair even crazier. Pulling your hair up isn’t fool proof either, because it will find those baby hairs and make them stand at attention. Unless you want to wear a beanie all season, I would follow these tips to tame those strands.


Hairspray, Hairspray, HAIRSPRAY!!!

Find one that you like the smell of, we suggest Anti_Humidity Finishing Spray, Headstrong Hairspray, or SESSION.SPRAY for ultimate protection! Once hair is fully dry, make sure to spritz this stuff ALLLL OVER. Working the sections of your hair by lifting your locks gently and tossing your hair side to side to ensure its reached every inch. This will help combat the cold and keep that blowout lasting longer! 

Embrace the oil! Work with a dry shampoo!

Cold weather and cold wet hair do not mix, we wont say that "You're gonna catch a cold!", but seriously, you're going to freeze that cute little head of yours during the colder months. Extend your style a few more days by using a dry shampoo. You can still body shower, but opt to wrap your hair in a towel and skip the shampoo! Since your hair will naturally be dryer during the winter months due to the cold, the extra oils are actually good for you! For freshness and a manageable style, use dry shampoo, applying it in much the same way you would hair spray. **Insider tip: Apply dry shampoo at nighttime before going to bed, it will soak up extra oil throughout the night and leave you with perfect morning hair! 

When drying hair, dry completely!

Sure you may think it's dry, but its not! Trust us! Your hair may feel cool after finishing one section and moving on to the next, that's because its actually still wet. When drying, run the blowdryer over the section 5-7 times more, once you feel it is "dry". This will ensure a perfect blowout. **Pro tip: Try a professional strength ionic blow dryer. I'm sure you've wondered why your hair always looks better at the salon. Yes, your stylist has the most amazing technique but they also have amazing tools

Use products before styling AND after to protect your strands!

Prepping your hair before styling will ensure a flawless finish. Start with something to protect it from the heat, seal in moisture, and give it some shine once finished. Try using a blow dry lotion or smoothing balm to lend a helping hand before you test the waters of the outdoors. Prepping hair with products like this is your best defense prior to your hair spray party to ensure that your hair is protected inside and out! 

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