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Styling your own hair is hard, and we will be the first to admit it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a stylist or simply a blowout aficionado; it takes time to learn the best techniques to achieve a stellar blowout. While dissecting the sections of your head is yet another topic to be covered, there are a few tricks that will close the gap and allow you to achieve a decent style if your stylist isn’t available.



1. Invest In Your Tools:  

Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blowdryer ($149)

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go out and break the bank, however investing in quality products that will be long-lasting achieve beautiful results will save you time, effort and energy in the long run. The Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blowdryer is a great choice if you want a professional grade tool that is lightweight and manageable. It will be able to achieve the higher temps and more powerful airflow to get the style you want.

2. Prep Your Hair:


label.m Volume Mousse ($19) and Blow Out Spray ($20).

A great blowout always starts out on clean hair; from there you need to add the proper products for your hair type and the desired outcome. To get a smooth, sleek, and voluminous look it is best to apply a cocktail of products to your strands. Start off with a mousse, like label.m Volume Mousse at the roots, then apply a protectant like label.m Blow Out Spray from the mid-shaft to ends and then comb through. This is a great combination to achieve a beautiful blowout without overdoing it with products.

3. Choose The Right Brush:



Sam Villa Professional Signature Series Brush ($22) and Signature Series Thermal Styling Brush ($18).

All too often, we choose the wrong brush in the wrong size to blow out our hair. If your hair is on the thicker side, a natural bristle brush like Sam Villa Professional Signature Series Brush, will do the trick. Enhanced with natural boar bristle and nylon bristles, this brush will smooth your hair as it controls it into whichever style you choose. If your hair is on the finer side, using a ceramic brush, such as Sam Villa Professional Signature Series Thermal Styling Brush to deliver bountiful body and uncontrollable shine.

4. Don’t Start On Soaking Wet Hair:

Based on hair type (less for thick/textured hair), removing up to 70% of moisture from strands prior to beginning by rough drying hair with deliberate movements (not haphazardly) will speed up drying time and cut down on damage to your hair.

5. Seal In Your Style:



label.m Texturising Volume Spray ($28)Hold & Gloss Spray ($18)Hairspray ($19).

After you are sure your hair is completely dry, you’ll want to finish your look with products that will close the cuticle and seal in your style. For extra volume; label.m Texturising Volume Spray, for high shine; label.m Hold & Gloss Spray, and for shape and stay; label.m Hairspray.

To achieve a fabulous style, each and every part of the process is equally as important for the outcome. So be sure to jump-start your style this year with brand new tools, tips, and product picks to give you a whole season full of stellar style!

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