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Texture has been one of the most prominent themes seen throughout the styles of the season, from hair to clothes and even nails! Natural hairstyles and undone looks have been spotted everywhere from the runway to the sidewalk and won’t be changing any time soon.


This is a great time to learn how to create texture for your clients and to teach them how to tame their own. As haircuts take on shorter styles, it is important to educate about using products properly to create the desired look! Follow these quick and easy tips to create a style full of texture and bounce this season.


First, wash and condition hair with Indie Hair shampoo #cleansweep and conditioner #untangled to create a clean and primed base for the style ahead.


Next, apply a dab of Polish #mixitsoft to soften and protect hair prior to blowout and a spritz of Sea Salt Spray #catchawave to give it some attitude! As you dry, be sure to round brush the hairline and allow some roughdrying throughout the rest of your mane to create texture instead of a pristine and polished look.


Once hair is dry, curl sections around the head in an alternating pattern to create an undone feel. Dust the roots with a dash of Powder #round2 for lift and spray Hair Spray #superfirm all over to give your hair more grit and hold the style in place. Once you are done, play with the hair, scrunching, pulling, teasing, and shuffling the roots with your fingers to give the hair a more natural feel.


Give your hair one last spritz of Hair Spray #superfirm to lock the style in place and you are ready for whatever comes your way, whether going to class, work, a night out to a concert, or a night in with friends. Enjoy your cool girl texture and if you want it to last, simply touch up the roots the next day with Dry Shampoo #comeclean and you’re good to go!


Love this look? Let us know how it turned out in the comments below and be sure to stalk INDIE HAIR to see all their latest tutorials and inspiration!