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In the latest tutorial from stylist and makeup artist Sherri Jessee, she shows us how to take one style and turn it into 3! Having versatility in your styling is imperative for editorial, runway, and everyday work. Learn a few key tricks to take your look to the next level.



1. Lightly mist hair with PRAVANA NEVO Invisible Control to provide heat protection and curl hair on a 1 1/4” ceramic curling iron.


2. On the top area, create a strong center part and smooth the hair down. Secure with clips around the head from temple to temple.


For bottom area, finger tease small sections...take a few strands of hair between your finger and thumb and push the hair toward the root. This creates an explosion of volume. Remove clips and spray with PRAVANA NEVO Super Shape Hairspray for added texture and hold.






1.Begin with textured hair.

2. Separate hair into two sections from the top of the ear around the head. Pin the tousled hair in the top section into place.


3. Section the hair and clip in extensions, if needed, to add extra length.



4 & 5. Split the bottom section into two and do a loose three strand braid on each side securing the ends with tiny elastics.




6. When finished spray with PRAVANA NEVO Super Shape Hair Spray to secure. You can leave braids on each side or merge them together to create one large one.



7. & 8. For a sky-high up-style, Sweep braids across the forehead and pin to secure.






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Hair & Makeup: Sherri Jessee

Photo: Mickey Baker

Model: Carly Shockley