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colorpHlex is more than just a brand, it is creating a community! By joining Bangstyle they have extended their family even further! Learn more about their colorpHlex group and the perks to being a member. 

The colorpHlex group was started as a way to bring colorpHlex stylists together. To create a creative community of people who share a common interest in a product line and love what they can do with it. 

The group is very important to colorpHlex because it unites the stylists in our community as a family who can help each other and who get involved - It is the purest form of social media. Most of what is spoken about in the group is shared by active group members who champion the product and love trying new things with it. It has inspired many stylists to think outside the box and create incredible color combinations. It's elevated their color techniques to the next level. 

The purpose of their family of users page is to have a community of stylists who interact with each other, share their work, inspire each other, answer questions, give tips, educate themselves on the product and what they can do with it, educate others on what is possible with colorpHlex and bond as a family and a team. We value our family, their creativity, their loyalty and their commitment to sharing and helping others. 

Colorphlex team

Perks to the group

1. Ability to share transformations for a chance to be named "Stylist of the Week" 
2. "Stylists of the Week" will have the chance to be invited to participate as a new product consultant for the brand. Receiving new product samples before launch to try and give feedback!
3. They will have the ability to participate in exclusive contests and promotions
4. They will be able to receive special gifts with select purchases
5. Some of our top performers and sharers will get the chance to become a colorpHlex master educator and have the change to teach colorpHlex classes.
6. Have the opportunity to share your techniques and step-by steps of your work for a chance to win editorial recognition as part of our Team, on Bangstyle and other editorial publications! 


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