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Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings; a fresh wardrobe, a fashionable new cut, and an embrace of this season’s hottest color trend – Copper! We’ve seen hints of this warmhearted color making a comeback, with dabbles of Rose Gold and even the latest “Blorange.” As the temperatures begin to warm up we’ll see the continuation of Blonde Copper hair color following suit in a bold new way.

Changing tones requires an ebb and flow between client and colorist. We learned from Keune’s North America Creative Ambassador George Alderete that “creating color is a continuous relationship with your client,” you can’t transition too quickly and sometimes the journey between trends is where the beauty lies.

With this “new blonde copper” you’ll want to compensate for the icy cool trends of seasons past, adding to the foundation already in place. “Color has to have a rhythm,” George says. You’ll want to formulate colors that add depth with deeper hues of brown and orange undertones, and lightness by working with light copper and gold, and apply them in alternating levels for a natural progression from dark to light.

Instead of applying an all over permanent color, get creative with the process. Depending on your client’s hair, suggest babylights, a gloss, or even a foilayage - a mixture of foil placement and balayage to create a natural seamless blend of color. Alderete says, “Adding a Top Coat of color instead of the traditional wash, will add durability and shine.”


With these new shades of Red Copper there is room for everyone to try on a hue that compliments their style. From strawberry champagne on the lighter end, to endless renditions of a sunset on the darker, the spectrum is endless. Challenge your creativity as a colorist and share your designs with us on social media by tagging @keunenamerica.  And be sure to check out even more color inspiration from George Alderete on Bangstyle and Instagram @georgecolorboygeo.

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