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It only took you about two years to grow your hair out and you’ve had this whole “long layers” thing going for a while now, if you’re anything like us now is when the urge to cut it sets in. Wouldn’t it be freeing? How nice will it be when it doesn’t get stuck behind the back of a chair, under my armpits, or the worst… stuck under my purse strap. Sure, I’ve taken vitamins, done scalp massages, and practically pulled it out of my scalp to get it this long, but now short is in – what is a fashionable girl to do? CHOP IT!

You’ve finally made the decision to go shorter! You won’t let the length of your hair define you any longer!  You’ve been stalking the latest it-girls with their clavicle cuts and lobs and you want to be free like these spirited young mavens. You’ve probably spent a great deal of time on Pinterest, Instagram, and Bangstyle looking for the style du jour that will be your fall fling. Now that you’ve found the look, what’s next?

Before taking the final plunge there are a few key factors in making a major hair change that you should be aware of.

First Things First

Why are you cutting your hair? If it has to do with your last Tinder match, then stop yourself right there! Cutting your hair can sometimes be an emotional response, some people even believe that your memories live in your hair which is why it may feel liberating to cut it. However, think deeply about making this change, think of it as a less permanent tattoo – it can really change your life and your lifestyle.

If you have made the conscious decision to make a change, not motivated by emotional factors, then chop away! Have fun with a new style, it can change your entire character if you want it to. Find photos of styles that you like, and more importantly – find photos of styles worn by girls similar to your face shape. Just because a cut looks great on Jennifer Anniston (don’t get us started, Rachel can wear ANYTHING!), doesn’t mean that it will look right on you. In the end, you need to get a cut tailored to your style, shape, texture, and routine.

Have a proper consultation.

If you are known for making irrational decisions, make a consultation appointment before you actually make the cut. Give yourself some time to think about the change. Imagine what your new morning routine will be like, how it will work for you at the gym, and how your overall style will differ. If you are getting a more precise cut, this actually requires more often visits to the salon for upkeep. A new cut may also mean new styling products, so be sure to speak with your stylist about all of these possibilities.

Lastly, HAVE FUN!

Life is too short to have boring hair and the great thing about hair is that it GROWS. (This rule does not apply for your eyebrows). Find a trusted stylist to take you to the shorter side and enjoy the ride! Be sure to check out all of our articles to see the best styles for your new 'do!

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