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Getting ready can be exhausting, especially with your hair. What with the spraying, the drying, the brushing, the molding, the pinning etc. Most of us can justify almost working up a sweat doing our hair with how great we look and feel for the rest of the day. However, what happens if your hair doesn’t want to cooperate? Instead of following your commands, your hair acts more like an out of shape person trying to exercise… starts off strong but quickly looses steam and is lying flat by the end of the day. Don’t abandon it all and settle for flat just yet, there’s hope!

Getting your styles to hold is ALL in the prep. The products that you use are key here. Before we go further, let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way. Your lifestyle and environment are going to play a factor into how your hair reacts. You can do a head full of perfect curls, but if you step out into a rainstorm it’s not going to hold. So, you’ll need to manage your expectations accordingly.

Hair by Sascha Bruer on Bangstyle

You should always start with a Thermal Protectant if you’re using any heat, but what goes on top of that depends on the style you want. Do you want volume? Do you want hold? If so, are you using the right hold strength for what you are trying to achieve? In order to get the style you want, you will probably have to use more than one product. Exactly like the way you build on flavors in cooking, you can layer multiple products for different results. You can use a volumizing product AND a texturizer for a look that has more depth than just using one of those products on their own. You might also need a finishing product to get that last big of hold in at the end. Have a chat with your stylist about the looks you want to be able to replicate at home, and they will be able to give you a few products to “cocktail” together to achieve it.

If curls is the name of your game, you want to make sure you are letting the curls cool entirely before you do any styling. That’s the key to getting the curl to hold longer. If you are a Curling Iron junkie, it’s a good idea to take a break form the heat every once in a while. It may be a bit old school, but rollers still work great. You can roll your hair up when its wet, and let them dry all the way before taking them out, for strong curls that will hold all day. If you get the foam ones, you can even sleep in them. You can also sleep in a wet braid for loose beach waves the next morning. Just scrunch in some sea salt spray and you’re good to go!