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Is your hair ready for the New Year? With only a few days left until the ball drops, we’ve been finding ourselves in a panic to finish holiday shopping, find the perfect dress and shoes that we can last in all night. If you’re still on the search for the perfect style for the New Year, be sure to check out these STITCH styles that are sure to set you apart from the rest!


If you like having your hair up and out of the way for the holidays, we have a style that will suit you perfectly. Try out this upgraded ponytail. By adding a simple basket weave with the STITCH you can create a style that no one else on the dance floor will have. 




If you prefer to wear your hair down with your LBD, then try out the STITCH in a vertical pattern. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a vertical STITCH, replacing the waterfall braid with a more stable style to get you through the night with your hair still intact!




Feeling knotty? This tutorial is all kinds of knotty and nice! The style is perfect for all hair lengths and is especially suited for shorter styles looking for an upstyle for the evening.




If your outfit is on the “boho” side and you would like a style to match, look no further than the easiest waterfall braid tutorial… EVER! With a traditional waterfall braid you may have a hard time creating the look but with this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a braid that will last and look fabulous all night!




If you’re feeling festive and want a sparkly style to match, try out this holiday tutorial. Depending on your hair color you can pick up a color that accentuates your shade and using the STITCH to weave you can create an adorable accessory in your hair that will be sparkling until the sun comes up!



Which is your favorite STITCH style for the season? Sound off below and be sure to tag us at @D_Roldan on Instagram so we can see your latest creations! 


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