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Homecoming is here! That may signal football games and finding the perfect dress to some, but for hairstylists that means trying out fun new looks! What styles should everyone be rocking for this year’s festivities? Here is some inspiration to pull from to make sure you have fun dancing all night long!


Go Undone!

For the surfer girl of the group - You wants to look a little done up, but not too formal - to achieve this, prep hair with a sea salt spray like Sea Salt Texture Spray to ensure surfer girl texture and volume. Alternate between rough drying and adding waves to your blowout then loosely curl throughout, we recommend using a Curling Wand  for the perfect imperfect waves. Finish with another spritz of  the Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, and you’ve got undone chic! Don’t forget to rough up the roots and run fingers through hair to keep the messy look alive all night long!

Hair By: Jillian Ripplinger


Sleek and straight

The 90’s are sooo in right now, if you’re planning on wearing anything that would go with a choker, make sure to have the hair to match. Use a blow dry lotion like amika Straight Up Smoothing Balm to tame tendrils and finish with a pass of the flat iron, we love the Sleekr by Sam Villa

Hair by: Joey Scandizzo


Try a Back Knot

Want to be unique? Everyone else will be doing their variations of the top knot, so why not be bold and do the Back Knot seen in our Trend Report… it was a hit at NYFW and we’re sure it will be a hit for homecoming too. Follow this great How-To by Giannandrea for Macadamia to achieve the look!   

Hair By: Giannandrea


Do a Sweet Sideswept Look

Possibly one of the most effortless looks that will pack the most drama - and who wouldn’t love some positive drama for homecoming? No matter what you’re wearing; this one is sure to steal the show. Start off by loose waving the hair and then pull it over to one side (whichever side is your favorite) use a few bobby pins (in an X shape) to secure at the nape of the neck and be sure to spritz strands with a bit of hairspray to keep the side sleek, I would recommend amika Touchable Hairspray - for the perfect amount of hold and play.  

Hair By: Sarah Adams


Halo Braid

Who needs to be the homecoming queen when she’ll be the BOHO queen! I know I’d much rather rock that title. If she is donning something flow-y, this is a must! For a more etherial look, start with freshly blowdried hair and apply a workable texture spray like HAIR.RESORT SPRAY . Once you’ve completed the crown braid and slightly pull the hair apart - this will ensure that she has the Free People-esque hair she is looking for. 

Hair By: Amber Cannon


Bardot Inspired Half-Up

Prep wet hair with a volumizing mouse, blowout adding some curl with a ceramic brush like the Copper Core Thermal by FROMM for big bouncy volume, the copper core will ensure the perfect curl. You can leave some tendrils out in the front bang area, tease the crown and pull back for a classic half-up look that Brigitte would be proud of.


Hair By: HERMIZ                                                                       Hair By: Matthew Tyldesley


Go for a Side Braid!

Whether hair is long or short, this is still a style that anyone can rock! Prep blowdried hair with a texture spray or hairspray for hold, the braid the night away! If hair is short, opt for a side braid close to the scalp and have some fun with the rest of your hair! I love this look using a crimper for added texture! 


Hair By: Kelli Mason                                                                                                               Hair By: Sam Villa Professional


We're sure you will be the belle of the ball with one of these looks! Have a fun and festive Homecoming! XOXO Bangstyle