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Low Maintenance is a beauty trend all its own. From haircuts to color, makeup and styling; simplified beauty routines are more popular than ever. First, we saw the trend toward natural texture, with air-drying and texturizing products gaining momentum. Next, we moved on to color; whether on your face or in your hair, color has simplified itself as a subtle accentuation of natural beauty. Now, we see cuts; taking on new forms and building new techniques, the effortless ‘do is all the rage.

To simplify your routine it actually takes time, effort, and tools to make your life easier in the long run.

When sprucing up your hair color it is important to not only think about the shade but the health of your hair as well. Dying and highlighting places stress on your strands, but the proper tools can cut down on damage. Using a reconstructing treatment, like Continuum, in all color services will aid in restructuring hair from within. The unique formula allows stylists and clients alike to create beautiful color without harming the hair’s integrity.

To ensure a low maintenance style session, you must keep a gentle balance between hydration and product buildup. Receiving regular trims will cut down on damage while a healthy dose of cleansing and conditioning will prolong your style. Using NIA Hydrating Shampoo daily to cleanse and protect hair from future damage. If you want your style to last, prep hair with Radia Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner. This combination will gently cleanse your hair of any product buildup or oils and allow your blowout to last a few extra days.

Now, when it comes to bearing a fresh face, it is all about the lashes! Some ladies choose to get eyelash extensions so they can get up and go without worry. But we have a better suggestion for you, one that doesn’t cause lid irritation, damaged follicle or cause your eyelashes to fall out.  Spectral.Lash Eyelash Stimulator is a cutting-edge treatment from DS Laboratories. With continual use, you are able to achieve eyelashes that are 25% longer in just 4 weeks. Not only will they be longer, but thicker as well. With a simple pen-like applicator all you have to do is apply twice a day. With a routine that’s easier than brushing your teeth you can have long, lengthy eyelashes without the need for extensions. Wear your natural lashes and revel in their beauty.

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