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In a world full of apps, digital communication and social media sometimes it’s nice to show your clients a little extra interpersonal love. We often get bogged down by routines and time restrictions to spend a few extra minutes speaking with them while they process or offering them helpful advice on how to keep their hair looking healthy at home. This season, be sure to spread a little love to the ones we care for the most! 

Treat them to a colorpHlex treatment  - Whether they receive this every time they color their hair or have yet to try it, this is a great time to introduce them to the service. Educate your client on the importance of colorpHlex as a bond builder for their hair and its ColorStrong Complex™, which gives colorpHlex the ability to restore hair naturally, effectively, and instantaneously.

Give them a scalp massage – Seriously, is there anything better than a scalp massage after you’ve had color processing? This is the perfect time to let their hair soak up the After Color Strengthening Finish as you start to discuss homecare with them!

Have them leave with the tips they need! It is so important to be in tune with your clients needs and help them get what they want. Learning what their hobbies are or their vacation plans is the type of information that helps you give them insight for their routine. If you client is off on a trip remind them about the importance of hair care while travelling. Hard water and hotel shampoo’s can seriously wreck their hair, so educate them about the trial kits and how you can take colorpHlex anywhere!


For more homecare tips, color tricks and tutorials, be sure to check out colorpHlex on Bangstyle and visit them at colorpHlex.com!