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Don’t wait for Spring, it's Fall cleaning: time to clean your brushes!


Not too many of us are just dying to spend the weekend cleaning. But, when it comes to our hair and skin… keeping your brushes clean will make a huge difference in hygiene (which is kinda of a top priority for us) and will give you better results from your brushes. 


We won’t gross you out with the facts, but if you are running your hair and makeup brushes through your hair and over your face day after day and never cleaning them, there’s a lot going on that you might not see. Would you wear clothes that hadn’t been washed in that long? Might as well wash your face with a dirty washcloth, from like a year ago. Let’s all agree - you will not run that brush full of oils, old styling product or makeup and bacteria over your clean self ever again. Yeah, we pulled out the “B” word. 


Got it, point made. Where’s the soap?!


Let’s start with your hair-brush: 


  • Remove excess hair caught in said offender, I mean brush, with a toothpick or comb to grab all the hair. 
  • Run brush and an old toothbrush under warm water
  • Pop a little moisturizing shampoo on the toothbrush (I feel a college prank joke coming on)
  • Shampoo your brush and rinse
  • Air dry for next use


Don’t’ forget your make up brushes:


  • Run brush under warm water
  • Grab a moisturizing bar of soap; an Organic, Olive Oil, or Shea Butter Soap so the bristles don’t dry out
  • Rub the brush on the bar trying not to mash the bristles into the soap
  • Using the palm of your hand, rotate the brush around to work the make up out of the bristles
  • Rinse with warm water and lightly squeeze water out from wood base of brush up through the bristles
  • Lay out on a towel and air dry


Keep it up and give them all a good wash from once and month to every other month, depending on their use. Now, you are clean and fresh from the shower to your hair and makeup!