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Among the likes of strobing, pastel hues, and natural shades, healthy effortless looking hair will be the biggest trend this fall. This means that there will be a great embrace of curls, waves, and big hair. If your hair doesn’t have texture, naturally, there will be a movement in styling to create this feel.


If you have natural texture:


Using curling creams, either Activating or Taming based on your hair type and desired outcome, are a necessity. If you have finer textured hair and want volume we recommend the Activating Curl Cream. If your hair is on the side of “unruly” and needs to be calmed, try the Taming Curl Cream for curls that last all night long without getting frizzy. Curl Enhancing Spray is also one of our favorites! You can use it on fine hair for more volume or layer it on top of the Activating Curl Cream when hair is about 50% dry for a little extra oomph!


If your hair needs a pick-me-up:


Whether your strands are frazzled from the sun treat them to an Ultra Rich Moisturizing Treatment. With UV protection, intensive hydration, and nutrient-rich oils to protect against damage it will leave you with smooth strands and perfectly tamed texture.


If your curls are falling limp due to humidity or gravity try a Curl Enhancing Spray. With a few spritzes and the touch of your hand, you can revive curls and get a frizz-free shine and enhanced curl shape.  It works wonders on second day hair to revive your style. When you wake up with those second day curls you may be wondering how to tackle their madness; spritz Curl Enhancing Spray on dry hair and scrunch your curls back into place. They will spring back to life, fall in place and look and feel soft, conditioned, defined and frizz free!



When you want to add texture:


Properly Shampooed and Conditioned strands paired with a Texturizing Salt Spray a curling iron and a Tousled Texture Finishing Spray are your best bet. Using the Salt Spray on damp hair and diffuse dry. Then use a curling iron (of different widths if available) and rotate randomized sections in alternate directions for a natural feel. Then spritz all over with the texturizing spray for a perfectly undone ‘do.


Enjoy your texture, or create some with Macadamia Professional, to be in style this season.