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For many of you, the idea of curling your hair seems like a daunting task. After blowdrying your hair, the last thing you want to do is spend another 30 minutes— or more— fussing over a hot tool. All of your hard work goes into curls that are often too tight and look unnatural. You just wanted a soft curl, but now you look like Curly Sue. 

There is a common misconception that you can only create curls with a curling iron. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a way to create curls with just a blowdryer and a round brush. Here’s how: 


First, remove excess moisture with a towel then follow up by rough drying hair. Simply use your fingers along with the blowdryer in order to take out 30-40% the moisture. This will make the following styling process quicker and easier. 


Next, dry your hair in sections as you style with a round brush. Sectioning your hair while blowdrying will speed up the process and will make it easier to create a curl. Pro tip: holding your round brush in different ways while drying will create different effects. Holding your brush vertically will create more of a wave— those loose curls that you’ve been dying to achieve. Holding the brush horizontally will give your hair more volume— say goodbye to flat and drab hair days. 


Using different size round brushes will create different size curls. As a rule of thumb round brushes over about 2 inches will give you large, voluminous waves, while brushes under 2 inches will create smaller, yet still bouncy curls. You can sway out your brushes on a daily basis to achieve your desired look. This will slash expenses that can rack up when purchasing numerous curling irons with different barrel sizes. 


Once you’re done blowdrying your hair, then you’re ready to go! This crucial, time-saving tip will put an end to your curling iron catastrophes. You can ditch the hot tools by condensing your drying and styling time into one. No more burnt fingertips and curls that take too long. Invest in a better brush and you’ll be out the door in no time. 

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