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Cover Style: OuidadMelanie , Written By: Lori Barsamian


Sure, everyone got the lob, so you did too - and now, you want your flowing locks back! As humans, we’re never content with our hair length because we will always want the opposite of what we have. If you’re a long haired maven - you’re in luck because going shorter is as easy as picking up the phone and making an appointment. Things don't go as quickly for the reverse option. If you’ve ever chopped of your hair and want the length back, there are a few rules to follow to help you grow it quickly. 


1.      Get Routine Trims

My friends always laugh in my face when I say this, they can’t fathom that cutting your hair will help it grow, but it does just that. Over time, your ends become damaged by heat, color, the environment, or lifestyle, by getting regular trims your ends are healthy and will have less breakage, which leads to longer, thicker hair. 


2.      Don’t Pull Wet Hair Into a Pony

When your hair is wet, it’s hydrogen bonds are still broken - bonds that will not be put back together until your hair is dry. When you pull wet hair into a pony or bun it causes unnecessary tension on your strands and leads to breakage. 


3.      Eat Healthy

Having a healthy diet, full of nutrient rich foods and proper vitamins will ensure healthy hair, skin, and nails. (See our cheat sheet here). 


4.      Use Bond Builders 

Bond builders do exactly what they sound like, they rebuilt the bonds in your hair. If you color or highlight your hair, using a bond builder is absolutely imperative - it repairs damaged or broken bonds making hair stronger and less prone to breakage. 

We recommend asking for colorpHlex or Continuum by DS Labs


5.      Deep Condition 

Deep conditioning at least once a week will ensure you’re getting the moisture you deserve. For extra hydration: wash hair and slightly towel dry, apply a masque, clip up and place a shower cap over your hair and let sit for 20 minutes. The heat from your head will help the nutrients absorb into your hair. 


6.      Air Dry When You Can

Constant blowouts, straighteners, and curling irons can put strain on your strands. If you must have your hair perfectly styled every day be sure you’re adhering to these Hot Tool Guidelines.

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